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The Dare.

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THE DARE Lightning flickered across the night sky lighting up the dark and deserted street. The only light visible was the moon trying to shine through the stormy clouds overhead. The three boys, Chris, John and Paul made their way swiftly towards the edge of town. They walked without saying a word to each other, perhaps because they were scared, or perhaps because they were excited. They understood that what they were going to do was dangerous and very risky but they felt as though they couldn't turn back now. They were all best friends and had been so since they could first remember right back in their first year of school. Now they were 14 and still as good friends as ever. They weren't your average friends though. They didn't do what everyone else their age did, play sport, go out to see a film or just hang around with each other. All three of them did dangerous dares that they set each other to do. They found it exciting and thrilling and that's why they loved it, and they didn't have any fear. Tonight was going to be one of the most dangerous they had ever done, and something bad was going to happen. ...read more.


Not the best night to be out. After nearly half an hour of walking up the track, it came to a sudden end at a gate. The gate was old and covered in barbed wire, which had been wrapped around the wooden posts many times. The gate had notices wrote all over it warning about guard dogs. Ignoring these warnings they climbed the gate carefully avoiding the barbed wire. John ripped his new trousers and he wasn't very happy. On the other side of the gate was Appleton's farm, which harvested many things throughout the year. It had a large animal stock, mainly cows and pigs. The farmer who owned it had worked on all his life and was a good farmer, but he was usually very unhappy and shouted at anyone. They knew that if they were caught in his farm they would be in serious trouble., so bearing this in mind they crept silently through the farmyard. A large pig grunted and ran out in front of them looking very happy in the thick mud. The fain fell harder and thunder boomed setting off many car alarms back in the village. They had nearly reached the farmhouse when a loud, angry bark came from the stables. ...read more.


'Thank you, thank you so much' gasped John. The farmer began to stand up but must have slipped on something as he went straight forward and rolled over the edge. Chris dived to try and stop him but failed. They watched him fall to his death on the rocks below. They were speechless. They just looked at each other in complete shock. Then they ran. They returned home without being noticed. They went to bed but none of them slept at all that night. They just laid there going through everything in their minds, especially John. The next day when they went out the town was full of police. They met up later in the day and agreed that hat had happened last night must be kept to themselves. They couldn't bring themselves to go to the police about it. The police investigated many people but not them. They counted themselves lucky. They had been unhurt but they couldn't hide the fact that someone had died because of them. A year on they hadn't said a word to any one about it. They had given up the dares and had found other, normal interests. They had learnt their lesson the hard way. That night will stay on their minds forever but that was something would just have to live with. ...read more.

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