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The Dark Knight film review.

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April Sidlow -broadsheet film review. The Dark Knight "Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not the hero. He's a silent guardian, watchful protector. The Dark Knight." "Batman" isn't a comic book anymore. Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" is a haunted film that leaps beyond its origins and becomes an engrossing tragedy. It creates characters we come to care about. That's because of the performances, because of the direction, because of the writing, and because of the superlative technical quality of the entire production. ...read more.


and Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to make impossible ethical decisions. To counteract this, the Batman as usual tracks the Joker down but similar to previous films, the Joker escapes, unscathed, which leaves him to come up with another captivating scheme. However, what's different about this film is that the Batman is thrown in emotional turmoil, making him doubt whether he has enough good in him to be thought of as 'the hero'. We as the audience pick up on the very fine line between good and evil, and the pain the Joker puts the Batman through emotionally rather than physically. ...read more.


The deranged twist of what happens to Harvey Dent, for instance, seems a bit far-fetched. Yes, there is a lot going on, almost too much. Sometimes it can become a little muddled. Some may even say that the storyline goes round in circles. But the plot is ingeniously thought out and the special effects, camera angles and the spectacular actors make the whole thing come alive. Because the film runs for 152 minutes you would certainly expect it to drag, but far from it, it enthralls and entertains yet still manages to convey almost every emotion. By doing this, the movie is rated by far one of the highest of 2008. ?? ?? ?? ?? Media coursework. ...read more.

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