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The dark side of the moon: Helio, Luka, Latine, Wilsa, Mahogon and Gorma

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The dark side of the moon Helio. Rides high, waving, dodging, his proud four best horses treading lightly upon space. The fiery sun blazes, hot enough to raise a droplet of sweat on his strained brow. His chariot shines brightly with the reflection of the powerful sun, gently off the well-polished mesmerizing wheels. His wild hair, flying in the wind, almost electrified, too many colours to count on two hands and two feet, but his brow only needs one finger to count to colour, and only one word to describe it; black and powerful. Luka. Powerful body glides motionless through deep thought. His slender, but muscular, body is the trait of a dreamer. His staff laced with gold, floats only in grasp of his glistening fingertips. The winged cap, which covers his curly curls, which left untamed would run wild, has marvelous gold feathered wings, just waiting to soar, as his matching sandals, also ready for flight. This unique articles, shows his ability to manipulate his resources to his advantage. Latine. Woman of the water, flows through her finger tips like silk, her dress made of the same silk water like substance, flowing round her ankles, the rest of her body cover lightly. Her hands are delicate, like a harp player, every movement for the fingers to her toes, is deliberate and very powerful. ...read more.


A long pause followed by "Just, the other might, I thought I saw a canoe-like object floating back and forth by those rocks to the other side of the moon, carrying four cloaked figures each trip". He finally finishes, adding a puzzled look "And you think I gossip, at least I don't spy" she laughs. Noticing his stern tone, she stops. "If it makes you feel any better, we can visit Wilsa, she is very wise, I'm sure she can answer some questions", hopefully looking into his eyes. "Even better, we could call a Council... between all the Gods, asking for advice" he cries excitedly, tone completely different. "I don't know", Latine looking small, "yes, definitely not a good idea", she says shrinking and feeling even more insignificant. "Why should we waste their time on such a pretty thing like this...." mid-sentence Luka says bluntly "thanks" and floats up fast, looking for another God to converse with. Next thing Latine knows, all the gods are following Luka, making their way towards her, mumbling to themselves, every know and then a word can be herd, getting louder as they get closer. When in earshot of Latine, they all become silent. She bows to her fellow gods and they do the same in return. ...read more.


All at once a gush of colour projects out of her finger tops, aimed right at the gods, as quick as it takes to think of a plan Augustus, has a plan thought up and put into action, he springs into the front of the line of fire, where all the gods stand defenseless, and uses his shield as a safe haven, for all the gods, but what he didn't know is that the beam of certain death, did not only stop at that it rebounded off the shield, hitting Pandrella. As they stand there in dismay, not even believing it them selves that Augustus had saved their lives at the risk of his own, but he dealt with the problem of Pandrella. To their surprise, all around them, thousands of icy bodies wander through space, some even walking through the gods as if they aren't even present. The feeling of one of these lost souls, walking straight thought them is awful, o an unexpected by stander, loss of breath, cold wave all down their body, and a sense of emptiness, as they watched these spirits float their way back down to earth in amazement, Latine thinks that this is an experience that she is going to remember for a long time to come. By Narah 2 ...read more.

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