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The Darkness Out There

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The Darkness Out There The booming sound of the engine like an explosion didn't sound to good to me. Suddenly, the plane just went out of control, I shouted and screamed to my comrades sat up the front. I heard their cry for help. What could I do? I tried to open the emergency exit but it was jammed and before I knew it I was slammed onto the floor; landing with an explosion almost deafening me. That was my last conscious memory of the catastrophe... I awoke but didn't dare open my tightly shut eyes. Where was I? What had happened to me? A hard piece of metal fell onto my head which forced my eyes to open. The 'bomb site' in front of my eyes almost forced me to shut them again. The disaster that lay around me led me to believe there would be no happy endings. No happy endings where I could go back to Germany- to Berlin to see Sylvia and my three children- Joanna who is seven in January, Peter who is three in May and Michael who has just turned five. ...read more.


I slowly managed to turn my jarred neck and out of a tiny crack I saw the figures of two women coming through some trees towards where I was laying in a pool of blood and flesh, just laying there. Dieing. I moaned and groaned as loud as I could but my voice got no louder than moans. I tried to move my uncrushed leg to bang on the metal but all I could feel was pain rushing through my body. I saw one of the women pointing towards my direction- maybe she was pointing at the fact that it was a German plane. I knew from their expression of hatred that they weren't going to help me. They were just there to watch me die. Did they not know I had a family? Did they not know how I was suffering? Anger flew through my body: I was furious as they just casually walked off covering their hair with their woollen jumper only thinking about themselves. I knew now that all hope had gone, for the rest of my short life I would just lie here suffering. ...read more.


Then I heard noises again squelching of mud and mumbling voices and the two figures appeared again. I managed a faint moan and heard one of the inhuman women say shocked 'he's still alive!' They weren't going to help me but why? What had I done to them? As she turned away she took a last glance back and then turned her head and marched away. As I drew in my last breaths I thought about my wife, my children and my family and how I loved them so much. I thought about seeing them smiling and it drew a tear to my eye thinking that I would never see that again. I thought about the great twenty-four years of life that I had. But I did not think about those cruel, wicked women and how they have not just ruined my life but have ruined my family and friend's life. Instead, I pictured my family and I holding each other lovingly and as I said goodbye to a good life and a wonderful family I thought about the good things and with my last breath I forced a weak smile as though I was thankful for the short life that I had been given. ...read more.

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