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The Darkness Out There and Great Expectations 'concern' change. The characters face changes in them selves and their image or ideas of the world around them.

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Tarra Hickson 19/10/01 Essay The Darkness Out There and Great Expectations 'concern' change. The characters face changes in them selves and their image or ideas of the world around them. The writers of these two stories present change in Sandra (Darkness Out There) and Pip (Great Expectations) using the differences between reality and fairytale existence. The settings of the two stories are different at the beginning and change at the end. The beginning of the Darkness Out There contains the ingredients needed for a fairytale but with Great Expectations one deals with reality. The Darkness Out There begins as a fairytale setting with atmosphere of the sun shining brightly, birds singing cheerfully and the safety of walking down a path with fresh grass on ones feet. But like all fairytales you have your hero and your villain. Sandra at this point of the story is still in her own interpretation of this so-called world. She is in this stage of child naivety, trapped in her own imagination. ...read more.


Mrs Joe Gargery is a very strict woman she always comments on how she brought Pip up by hand. But Joe the true gentleman of the story has taught Pip all of his good qualities he possesses. Pip is the protagonist of Great Expectations; he is also a true gentleman at the beginning of the story. Pip is very kind, caring, sweet and polite all of the good qualities Joe had taught Pip. Pip's character changes throughout the story especially when Estella enter his life. Pip falls in love with Estella but knows he is to common for a girl of a higher class. When Pip has young he dreamed of becoming a gentlemen so that he could be with Estelle and when he was older Mr Jaggers promised him he will become a gentlemen and from that day on Pip had changed. Estella is very beautiful yet has no heart, this is because she has been trained by miss Havasham to be cold, cruel, insensitive and nasty to men especially a one of a lower class like Pip. ...read more.


As she is telling the story she is determined to get a reaction from Sandra and Kerry. But Kerry acts very sympathetic to Mrs Rutter's cold-blooded murder. Mrs Rutter seems not to register other people's thoughts, one can honestly believe that Mrs Rutter thinks that the act of revenge she has carried out is acceptable and also believes that everyone would have done the same. Kerry at this point is horrified and disgusted at Mrs Rutter, but Sandra seems to be to shock to talk. Kerry then decides to leave talking Sandra with him; it is like he is the knight in shining armour in the fairytale. As Sandra walks away from Mrs Rutters house and Packers End she realises not to fear the witches and wolves but the mind of a real person and what that persons mind is capable of. Sandra has know matured into adult awareness. The writers of these two stories try to set a theme of the true existence of the world. That not all things are what they seem. ...read more.

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