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"The darkness out there". Penelope Lively develops Mrs. Rutters character in many ways, with clues early on to her true self.

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Penelope Lively develops Mrs. Rutters character in many ways, with clues early on to her true self. Sandra?s views on the characters change by the end, also Kerry is seen to change his character.At the end of the story it is Kerry who takes the initiative, and passes judgement on Mrs. Rutter. ?In Sandra's eyes he had grown; he had got older and larger...? One of the ways Mrs. Rutter?s character is portrayed by Penelope Lively is through her environment, both historically and geographically. The house is introduced sending out two different messages. One is that of a quaint homely place. This can be recognized through the descriptions of the china ornaments, ?big-eyed flop-eared rabbits and beribboned kittens and flowery milkmaids and a pair of naked chubby children wearing daisy chains?. Firstly, this gives the impression of a cuddly ?grandmother? figure, but then the picture is broken with the mention of the ?smell of cabbage?. This comment conflicts with the otherwise friendly scene to suggest something is not rite. The house reflects Mrs. Rutter?s character. An example of this is ?her eyes investigated, quick as mice?. Later, the house mirrors this comment by the author describing that it ?smelt of damp and mouse?. ...read more.


The way Mrs. Rutter always watches Sandra and ?glinting from the cushions? gives an uneasy feel towards her. When Kerry returns inside Mrs. Rutter begins her anecdote. He asks if she saw the plane come down and she chuckles, seeming to delight in the idea. She explains how her and her sister went to investigate the scene and was only going to get help if it was an allied plane. This alarms Kerry. Her twisted side becomes more apparent when she says, ?We cheered, I can tell you? as they realized it was German. Sandra is alarmed and quips how awful it was, but Mrs. Rutter, who disregards her discomfort, abruptly interrupts her she is so involved in telling the story. She tries to soften what she is saying by ?sugaring the pill?, for example friendly additives such as ?my duck? to unsettling sentences. She refers to the injured man in the broken plane as ?that site?. She mentions nothing about the man himself but just remarks how ?it wasn?t a pretty site?. She is unmoved when the German was crying ?mutter, mutter?. This shows she is a cold, heartless woman. She recollects easily how she left the man in pain because it was raining. ...read more.


sparse which contrasts with the harsh reality of the tragic event that takes place In conclusion I think both writers have used a range of innovative techniques and language devices to make the stories more shocking to the reader. In ?when the wasp drowned ?the stark contrast of innocence being snatched from the children creates a chilling tone throughout the story along with the usage of first person of eveline looking back on her childhood. By having the whole language in a colloquial manner we have an incredible insight to sandra?s thoughts and feelings and I like the fairytale like setting in the story as it provides a greater difference between reality and a dream like world. As a result of these techniques I think an evident contrast in characterisation and tone is presented to the reader in a consistent manner In ?when the wasp drowned? and ?the darkness out there? the concept of appearance and reality is presented within the charcters and the twisted storyline. A number of techniques such as symbolism, tone an narrative are used to portray these themes to the reader. In ?when the wasps drowned? eveline is portrayed as being mature and protective over her siblings and more importantly the truth of the ring. In ?the darkness out there ...read more.

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