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The Day I Was Caught Being A Hero

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The Day I Was Caught Being a Hero It was like any other summer day, the cotton clouds were floating gracefully past and the trees were waving in the wind. The lunch bell had rung and swarms of children were dispersing out onto the playground, like water entering an empty canal. Lunchtime had begun. Children started their imaginary worlds and suddenly the playground was full of doctors, teachers and many other imaginary characters. But I did not belong to the bottom playground; I was part of the "Top playground". ...read more.


Anything King Gould said was obeyed. Mr Brown's class would always win because they had King Gould. On this day that I remember from my primary school days I attempted to tackle King Gould, which in hindsight was a big mistake. The ball zoomed of my foot like a ramp and over the top of the fence. I became the most unpopular child in the school. I could hear my supposed "friends", jeering and shouting abusive comments. My mind was split into two one half was saying climb over and everyone will like you again, the other was saying refuse it wasn't even your fault. ...read more.


Then everything went silent. I turned around. My heart sunk. In front Mrs Brown's hungry, vulture like eyes, were staring into mine. Her skin was old wrinkly and sun abused. Then at the top of her crackly voice she screamed, "What are you doing in there". My mind froze what could I say that would make the situation better. I eventually answered in a trembling voice, "Getting the ball". For some reason this angered her even more. For the next week I had detentions lunchtimes and break times. But the worst thing was I could not sleep, whenever I closed my eyes Mrs Browns witch like face was there. This is an image I that will never leave me. ...read more.

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