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The Day I will always remember

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The Day I will always remember Well what can I say about this amazing night out? I knew from the moment that I heard it was confirmed to happen that it really was going to be something special, after all it is (in my opinion) the greatest DJ on the planet playing in my favourite club on the planet. I have been a serious fan of Lisa Lashes ever since I first heard her play in Spank @ Ceasers, Dundalk and I fell in love with her mental non-slacking style off pure Hard House. So naturally when I heard she was coming to play in 'The Met' there was nothing on this planet that could stop me from witnessing this night. As for 'The Met', well what can I say. Three things make it my favourite club in Ireland. Firstly a layout to die for consisting of one single huge tremendous off Arena. ...read more.


but this just meant I was going to have to compensate by going twice as nuts. We arrived at about 8:00pm and already the place was bunged to the gills but I'm glad that the Met had decided to stick to its Maximum capacity restriction of just slightly over 2,000 as we all feared we were gonna be crammed in like sardines. Though the place was packed you still had good room to walk about and generally go mad. The music was going unbelievable, the place was bouncing and you would have been forgiven if you had thought it was Lisa Lashes herself on the decks but it was none other than the resident DJ Mal Black doing what he does best, whipping the crowd into an absolute frenzy. Then at 10:00 came the moment everyone had been waiting for. Marc Dobbin winds the crowd up ''could you please give a warm Met welcome for the top Hard House DJ in the UK, FOR THE DJ LISA LASHES''. ...read more.


I really do believe that the Met should be proud to have the two greatest DJs in the north of Ireland grace the decks there every Saturday night. Then the night as always in the Met came to an end far too early (it could end at 5:00am and it would still be too early) and it was of home in the hunt for a party. So after one of the greatest nights of my life I would like to thank, Gods Kitchen for there amazing d�cor, dancers and crazy performers. The Met for, well simply for being the Met. Mal & Mandy for once again blowing my head of with the best in new and old trance & house. AJ Gibson for also doing an excellent job on the decks and finally Lisa Lashes for absolutely tearing the place up with the greatest style of music played in the greatest way possible, I look forward to seeing her again. ...read more.

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