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"The day my bum went psycho" written by Andy Griffiths.

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"The day my bum went psycho" written by Andy Griffiths book report by Sebastien Hammond 9f This children's fiction book about a young boy's bum running away from him and bums creating a new world order is ,in actual fact, pretty hopless. The book is incredibly simple to read and understand, as it was written for 8 - 12 year olds. The main character in the book is a young boy named Zack. Zack is a typical boy, set around the targeted age level, who's only worries in life are computer games and whats on the tele. To me, Zack doesn't really seem to differ from any other 10 year old boy. He has the exact same amount of adventure and imagination as any other child of that age. ...read more.


modern day society, in Melbourne. I can really invision many young boys and girls laughing their headds off at this book. The theme of the book would most probably have to be bum jokes and toilet humour. It exposes bum jokes and toilet humour in a way that the younger audience can really enjoy and relate to. Amazingly, Andy Griffiths captures all the "in-jokes" that would be going around all primary schools these days and turns them into a book. Griffiths desribes the scenes and actions that take place so well that it leaves a clear image in your mind of whats going to happen. His writing is fluent and seems to all fit into place. ...read more.


The title is quite bold and brash. It caught my eye, I read the blurb on the back and decided to read it. Fromt reading this book, I've realised that that are no boundries to writing and there are a lot more aspects and styles to writing than I thought there were. I really dis-like the plot and overall storyline on which the book was based. But, I did enjoy the refreshing change from the regular books I would read and I admire Andy Griffiths for his daringness with his writing and exploration in the novel. I would definatly recommend this book for kids who enjoy a good laugh and who aren't to serious. In the future I could see myself reading another book by Andy Griffiths. Probably just for a good laugh and for something interesting to do when I'm not busy. ...read more.

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