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The Day My Dad Left

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The Day My Dad Left This is a day that I will never forget. My mum had gone out to work just like she normally did. Dad was looking after me aged five, my brother Kevin aged ten and my sister Katie aged seven. Dad was in a strange mood, he was very short tempered, and this wasn't normal he would normally sit down and play games with us or watch T.V. Suddenly he asked us all to come in to the living room and sit down, and he sat down to, he said him and mum weren't getting along at all, and that why they kept on arguing, so he said that he was leaving. Yes that right he was moving out. My heart felt like it was in my mouth my eyes were filling up with tears. I could see Kevin was biting his cheek and he was holding on to Katie's hand tightly, Katie looked like a ghost, she was that white. ...read more.


All I wanted was my mum. Dad gathered his last belongings together and then introduced us to the lady who had come and knocked at the door. "You three I want you to meet the lady I am going to be moving in with her name is Wray." Well the look on Kevin's face was a picture he looked as if he was trying to say something but the words just wouldn't come out. I was getting really confused by this time I didn't understand why any of it was happening all I knew was that I wouldn't see my dad for a long time. Dad came across and gave us a hug Katie's eyes were all red from where she had been crying. He gave me a hug it will be the feeling that I will never forget I had a feeling in me as if I was never going to see him again. Dad tried to explain to Kevin what was going on but Kevin wasn't listening he just didn't want to no. ...read more.


it was horrible, she tried to explain to us what was going on, I started to realise what was going on but it still never sank in, it was in a great blur. Katie and Kevin found it harder to cope than me, well they were older and did under stand more than me. I haven't seen my dad for eight years now, and the last time he rang me was when I go my GCSE results all he wanted to know was if I was staying on at school, because he didn't want to pay any maintenance any more. Four years after my dad left my mum got a new man, Angus he is called and they got married two years ago. Angus is like my real dad as he is always there for me and well he gives me money and different things when I need them. He looks after me like I am his real daughter; this does make me feel special and cared for not just by my mum. Angus is now apart of the family!! By Hannah Watson Tutor Bev Pink ...read more.

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