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The Day My House got Burgled For my family and me it was just another normal day.

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Rakeshdeep Korotana 10.01 Deadline: 27/11/06 GCSE English Coursework: Autobiography The Day My House got Burgled For my family and me it was just another normal day. My alarm clock sounded at 07:15 and I got out of bed to start my daily routine. I brushed my teeth, got dressed and tottered to the kitchen to have some breakfast. At this time my dad had gone to Canada to attend some relative's funeral, so at the time wasn't with us. Me along with my mom, sister and brother got into the car. We also owned a small Asian business on Soho Road, which sold Asian confectionary and Asian snacks as well as Asian curries. And had intentions of staying at our shop that night so we checked all the locks thoroughly before getting into the car. Then my mom switched on the ignition and we left the house at about 08:00 sharp. It was typical journey to school with all the traffic and people going to work, I would say it took about 30 minutes, ten minutes longer than usual, I arrived at school at about 08:28, ten minutes late but at least I wasn't late so it didn't really matter. I was looking forward to this day as it was a Friday and we had games in the afternoon. ...read more.


I got up and walked over to the staff room and explained to the teachers that I had left my games kit in the form room and I wasn't trying to skip games. It just wouldn't work, they said you have to use the left over games kits and you have to do games. I had no choice so I started to rummage through the old, muddy kits. I picked a decent pair and started to get dressed, I walked out of the changing rooms feeling like someone else as I was wearing someone else's clothes. As you can probably tell the teams picked at random by the teacher and they were unfair. The worst thing about it was that I was put on the weaker team. And you can probably guess that the weaker team lost, no actually we never lost we got hammered 7-0. This bad day was starting to become even worse than it already was. When the match was over I stamped back to the changing rooms and took off the games kit, which I had borrowed, I got dressed quickly as possible and started to make my way back to the coach accompanied with some of my friends. The coach trip back to school took about 15 minutes. ...read more.


Then after getting into the loft they made holes through some of the rooms, the alarm did not sound at this point because there were no PIR alarm sensors in any of the bedrooms, so the burglars knew exactly what they were doing and they knew the alarm couldn't sound with the manner they had entered. Then because of some wrong move the PIR sensor in the landing caught one of the burglars and at this point the burglars panicked and ran downstairs out of the kitchen window, which had been forced open and I did not know of it. After the explanation the police officer took down statements from my mom, and me, I had told them that my dad was in Canada at the moment and if they wanted to meet him they could do so at a later stage. Statements were also taken from the neighbours. Then the police officers left, and told us it would be ideal if you could sleep somewhere else for a little while until, the rooms have been tidied a little. And also said that scenes of crime would come in the morning to analyse the property. This was a day that I would never forget, as it was a bad day, which got worse and worse, and it will stay with me for the rest of my life. ...read more.

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