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The day that changed my life

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´╗┐Lucy Thomas words = 577 The day that changed me forever It all started off as just a normal Wednesday. I arrived at High Cross Riding School. This was the day I have my regular lesson. Rosie, a ten-year-old brown mare with a white star on her forehead, comes right up to the edge of the pen to see me. She is a very reserved, dignified old lady and I am so fond of her. The normal routine is to untwist her reins, open the gate and lead her out down to the arena. We then join the queue waiting for the previous lesson to finish. It had been fine all day but it started to drizzle, much to my disappointment; I was relieved that we were indoors. ...read more.


The noise at first was just annoying but now it became deafening. Then came a sound of thunder and a crack of lightning; the horses started to react to the thunder but we continued the lesson regardless. As is our normal procedure, we started cantering. Without warning a bolt of lightning caused Rosie to ?spook?, veering off over to the side, off the track. Suddenly, I seemed to be tilting to the right with Rosie, ending up underneath her lying on my stomach, my right foot still trapped in the stirrup. Rosie at this point decided she would like to get up and in so doing rolled on me! There was I, struggling for breath, trying to free my foot, the lightning still flashing, the thunder still booming. ...read more.


Finally we got called in into a small doctors room where a Doctor came in introduced her self she told to sit on the bed and I told her what happened and then she went about treating me asking what hurt and asking me if I could breath well I told my leg also hurt and she was stretching like I was a football player and she decided that I didn't have concussion so the only thing I had was a busie on my thumb. The reason this changed me is I now I have more self confidence as I know that nothing as bad as that will happen to me again. Also I now have a new found respect for animals and I am now more careful around them because I know what they can do, and how unpredictable they can be. ...read more.

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