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The daydreaming problem.

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The daydreaming problem. "Well" said the head in assembly, "The start of a new school year," He stood beaming round at everyone in the hot and humid theatre, "At the end of the next year you will be taking your GCSE's, these will help you enter the profession you wish to take when you leave this school... "Captain were ready for take off" "Okay Jones, take her up!" mike replied. The engines roared and the plane vibrated violently as the heavy boeng 747 lifted up off the ground. As the plane reached cruising altitude the Captain was disturbed by a voice behind him, "come on Mike time to go to lesson, (pause) Mike! He felt himself being pushed and pulled violently but he did not respond until lee gave him a playful dig. "Ouch, what the hell did you do that for?" By the time he realised where he was he could not stop the words from coming out of his mouth, he was still in the assembly, sitting at the back with All the 270 people in there staring at him, the teachers were looking at him in disbelief, The Head stood, gaping at him, with a look of pure horror on his face, looking like he could of exploded any minute Mike, who had gone bright red, looked at the floor, trying not to catch anybody's eye, the seconds ticked by like hours until, "Mike Richards, get out!" The voice came from the bottom right corner of the theatre, he did not look to see who had said it, it couldn't have been the Headmaster, he was still in the Center of the theatre, Still staring. Mike broke into a run, leaped down the stairs, and out, but he didn't know where to go, so he decided to go to the year heads office, it was probably him who said it anyway. ...read more.


His mum thought he was at a friends house doing homework but how would he explain to his Mum what had happened? She would kill him! Unless he forged her signature, he had never tried to forge it before, it was one of those with big wiggly lines which was almost impossible to copy, unless he asked one of his mates, James was supposed to be good at it... By the time he had got out of detention it was 4:30, on the bus on the way home he tried to think of a way to cure his daydreams, what if he just tried as hard as he could not to have them, would that work? No, his concentration would soon lapse and he would slip into another daydream and once again get himself into heaps of trouble. Unless, what if... His mind went blank, he found himself on a deckchair, on a beautiful golden beach, the sun setting in the sky right in front of him, it was as if he was in heaven, he had never seen any thing so beautiful in his life. He wanted to get up, go for a swim in the clear blue ocean stretching out for miles around him but he couldn't get up, instead his chair that he was sitting on rose up into the sky, just a few metres high, but it was a weird feeling. He found that wherever he tried to go the chair took him, he was tempted to dive into the sea but he thought against it. He actually went out to sea and saw many different varieties of tropical fish, they were beautiful, then he saw a family of dolphins, with two baby dolphins between them, he had always wanted to see dolphins up close, he had by this time mastered the flying principles of flying the chair, he zoomed up close to hem but to his disbelief, he must of frightened them and they disappeared back down to the depths. ...read more.


The monster stepped off the table onto the solid, damp, rickety, wooden floor NO Dr Frankenstein gave his first order, "go and (NO) take over the (NO) Village NO! His mind once again went blank. Just like before he woke up to find himself with a doctor poring over him, stethoscope and all. "Hi" said the doctor, sounding rather concerned "how are you feeling?" "Fine" said mike sounding muffled "We know what is wrong with you, you have an overactive brain. We have tablets we can give you for this, which should help you get rid of your daydreams, usually there are no side affects, but if you have an allergic reaction to this drug we will notice straight away, you shouldn't anyway, while you were asleep we took a blood test, (glancing over to his left arm, Mike followed his look and saw a big, purple bruise where they took the blood test, he was surprised he hadn't noticed before, it started to ache even as he looked at it.) which showed that you will probably will not take badly to this pill, do you understand?" "Yep" sounding utterly confused. "Good, I'll be going now, I'll be back to see you later, you shouldn't have to stay the night. Oh by the way the nurse will be round later to give you your tablets, you are too take them twice a day, morning and night, only after food though! Good luck!" "Thank you doctor" Said Mike and his mother in unison. Later on that day after he was released from the hospital, at home and tucked up nicely into his bed, with a mug of hot chocolate and a few pieces of toast next to him, while his mum was constantly asking him, 'are you alright?' and 'can I get you anything?' He also learnt that the head had cleared him for his abnormal behavior, and he had sent his best wishes as well! By Richard Phillips 10PH 3500 words, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Anna! ...read more.

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