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The Dead and Dying.

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Mirshad Mihilar Mrs. LaLonde November 22, 2003 The Dead and Dying Formerly, I passed by an old house that had been abandoned 20 years back. Most people said there were ghosts in the house, but I believed in no such foolish beliefs. I was only 15, but I had matured enough to go out in the dark alone and I was considered one of the bravest kids in Gemstown, New Jersey. My friend, Tom, once dared me to go into the abandoned house at 11:30 in the night. I remember it clearly, it was Saturday night and Tom and I went to the abandoned house with some other friends. ...read more.


I went over and sat in the chair. Man: My name is Phillip Morgan. I believe you have heard about the brand of cigarettes called Marlboro. I was the inventor of them. I pulled out the Marlboro pack that I had hidden in my underpants and showed it to him. Phillip: Oh...So you smoke, my son? Me: Ahh...Yes...I only started a few weeks ago. But I like this brand the best because they taste the best. Do you want one? Phillip: Sure why not...don't worry I have the lighter. Me: So where have you come from...you look like you have been burned. Don't mind me asking, but have you been in hell? ...read more.


I was unfortunate to have wronged myself on earth and I have spent 10 years of my afterlife so far in hell. Believe me it is a very dreadful place to ever go to. I am warning you my son, be good to you family, friends, and others. You do not ever want to go to hell. Me: So what are doing here today? Phillip: Today is our day off. Hell is cleaned and warmed up every Saturday. Well, I guess its time for me to be off. I have sector 598 in hell to clean up. I will meet you next Saturday then ok? Me: Sure thing Mr. Morgan. Goodbye. He vanished in to the air and I walked back with another Marlboro in my mouth. I still ponder on how it had gotten lit when I had no lighter.... ...read more.

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