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The deadly silence.

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The deadly silence A luminous full moon hung high above, rays of glittering light shone down into the dark room through tiny gaps in the curtains falling on a circle of four girls hunched over a board in the middle of an old oak table. Strange shadows flickered on the wall behind them as they moved their hands into the centre of the board surrounded by black and white candles. Each girl placed their index finger one-by-one onto a glass on the board and closed their eyes. There was silence while the four girls concentrated. Slowly the glass began to move, Ava opened her eyes "Who's doing that?" she whispered "Doing what?" Jo mumbled, her eyes still firmly closed. "That!!" Ava replied "pushing the glass!" "Shhhh!!" Keri interrupted "Concentrate" Ava watched as the glass slid smoothly around the board, it was still moving quite slowly but with no hesitation. One by one the rest of the girls opened their eyes focusing their attention on the glass. There was complete silence as they gazed in amazement. A force like magnetism seemed to control where the glass moved to, the force got bigger and stronger until it was impossible to fight. The glass suddenly became very warm and started to move faster. "What's happening?!?" shrieked Kym wanting to let go of the glass. "Its ok" Keri insisted "Don't take your finger off whatever you do" The glass was darting around the board spelling out the word "die" over and over again, it was going too fast for any of the girls to keep up. ...read more.


Keri pulled her mobile phone out of her pocket, she stepped back out of the way and calmly called for an ambulance. Jo lowered her hands and ran towards Ava. She was lying in front of the car face down. Her long black hair hiding her face. Jo knelt beside her and touched her hand. "Ava I'm so sorry" she began to cry. A man in a grey suit crouched down beside Ava, his face sweating with shock. "Has someone called for an ambulance?" he chocked "Yes, their on the way" Keri confirmed joining the crowd on the floor. She swept Ava's hair out of her face and felt her neck for a pulse. She moved her hand around to several places and then shook her head. "NO!" Ava yelled "oh god she's not......" Kym stood up. "I cant take this! Its that bloody ouija board, its cursed!" she sat on the curb with her head between her legs. The man in the grey suit took off his blazer and tucked it around Ava. "The ambulance shouldn't be long now" he reassured everyone. When the ambulance finally arrived two paramedics jumped out of the side and flew towards the still body in the road. Three policemen also arrived on the site. One of them questioned the driver while the other two started asking the three girls questions. ...read more.


They wandered over to the waiting room arm in arm sat on down on the chairs on the other side. Jo looked back down at the floor, her face covered by her hair. She knew Kym and Keri would be looking at her, talking about her but she didn't care. All she could think about was Ava. Where was she? Was she ok? Why hadn't someone come and told her what was going on? She couldn't take it any more. She got up and started pacing backwards and forwards. Her hands were cold and clammy and she felt sick to her stomach. What was taking so long? It had to be bad news. A nurse came into the room, Jo sprang over to her. "Where's Ava? Is she okay?" Kym and Keri were standing there too, waiting for an answer. "Girls I'm afraid its bad news" the nurse lowered her voice. Jo felt her heart sink. She felt like she was going to be sick. Her legs were shaking and her sweat was running down her cheek. "What's happened" Keri asked, her voice was squeaky like she was about to cry. "I'm afraid Ava has passed away" the nurse whispered putting her arm around keri. Jo collapsed into a chair. She felt her whole body go numb. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She felt like she was a little kid and a bully had just stolen her favourite toy. But it was her fault. Her best friend had lost her life and it was all her fault. ...read more.

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