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The demented look on his face said it all

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The demented look on his face said it all. Faint glances spread all four walls of the room. They waited until they were allowed into the interview room. No one knew what was going to escape his mouth. They slowly entered the room where he sat. Fidgeting he knew what was the first question going to be asked at him. ' Hey, how you doing?' He just nodded. Focusing his eyes on the fixed photograph on the wall. He began to rock backwards and forwards on his chair. They needed to know what was making him do this, they wanted to know why it happened. He wasn't giving anything away. The only way was getting him to talk. Impossible at the mo. 'Michael darling, we cant help you if your not willing to help yourself, you know?' ...read more.


He didn't want to speak, it was too much for to go through it again but he knew it had to be done some time. Better sooner than later. 'He started to walk over to the house, I called out to my dad, but he said he was busy and said he couldn't help me now. I tried to warn him but I was upstairs, unable to go downstairs. I called out to him several times, buy he just said the same thing. 'Cant help you now son, see you in a bit, I'll be up there soon.' That was his exact words, I swear.' 'We believe you Michael, carry on...' 'Then... He knocked on the door.' 'Carry one Michael, your doing fine son' His mom just nodded and smiled at him. ...read more.


'So he was working on the car? Was he working on the head gasket Michael, its in the bonnet side of the car?' 'Yes, I know what the head gasket is, but I don't know, I think he finished that... But they began to talk, the carer and my father. I tried to hear what they were talking about but it was muffled. He, he walked out of the room and looked up at me.' 'Hey Michael, I'm Mark, Your new carer. You look good today. What you been up to?' 'I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw the glaze in his eyes, it was evil' 'Ok Michael, your doing fine mate, now can you describe him to me fully, please try.' 'Ye, he had... I think brownish blackish hair, massive green eyes, and a missing front tooth. He looked like my uncle sitting next to me....' To be continued.... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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