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The Den - A Short Story

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The Den It was a hot, dry summer day and the sun shone through Chris' window, brightening up his room, which could easily be mistaken for a prison cell. It epitomised his holiday thus far, not even able to escape the confinements of his bedroom without being given a lecture from his parents. However, Chris couldn't complain having brought it upon himself after being excluded from school. Chris woke up, and dragged himself out of bed. The flimsy floorboards creaked as he walked towards the bathroom, ready to brush his teeth. He swung the old wooden door shut, which groaned precariously. He brushed his teeth swiftly and heard his mother shout, "Chris, I am going to work now so make sure you and your brother behave! I've left food in the kitchen." Chris yelled sarcastically, "Yes, your majesty!" It was late that morning and Chris decided to wake his brother, who just had turned twelve years old and felt his birthday and the holidays were a time to relax as if he was a king. "Wake up Mark", Chris roared. "Ok, ok calm down", Mark chirped back. The two of them got ready, had breakfast and sat on the couch thinking about what they would do today. ...read more.


Chris started sorting out the wood, while Mark rang up Jamie and Richard to see when they could start building the den. Jamie and Richard jumped at the chance to manifest the idea that they had in their minds ever since they were friends, and decided to arrive at their house later that day. Late that evening, the floor boards were all fitted in and the workmen left. Mark and Chris decided to inspect the house for anything that wasn't fitted correctly, yet they found the work was immaculate. At six o' clock, Jamie and Richard arrived, eager to start their long awaited project. The four of them planned the layout for half an hour to see how they were going to build it. They were finally satisfied with their detailed plan and made their way into the nearby woods, to find a suitable place to build the den. After continuous arguing on what was the best location, they finally all agreed on an appropriate site which wasn't too far from home and made sure it was easily accessible. The next morning the two boys and their friends, Richard and Jamie, met up at the site where they were going to build their den. They brought all of their building material including the wood, a drill, nails, and some safety protection for themselves. ...read more.


In no time Richard came out of the den with Jamie lying unconscious in his hands, which brought relief to the faces of Chris and Mark. Jamie lay on the floor, seemingly lifeless. Richard immediately used his first aid knowledge in resuscitating his brother. There was a pin drop silence for a few minutes till suddenly Jamie coughed. Everybody breathed a sigh of relief as they were over the moon to know that Jamie was alive and moving, despite the burns he had all over his body. A wave of sirens echoed in the background as it seemed the neighbourhood had already informed the fire brigades at the sight of the blaze. The firemen immediately made their way towards Jamie and had started treating him. The water jets were in full blast and the blaze began to die down. The firemen took the boys' home safely with their parents shocked to know what happened, yet undoubtedly relieved to know they were safe. What had happened seemed to be beyond their comprehension. The boys were ashamed of their immature idea of living independently and adventurously in their own den. The next morning all four boys again visited the site of the den. It was awful for them to see what had been their dream for so long, burnt into ashes, having toiled to build it for hours together, just the day before. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE English Language Coursework ...read more.

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