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The Desert Cat

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THE DESERT CAT Mia skipped along the lush green grass from the fields to the village, gently springing her arms out wide so she tickled the old oak tree, Hind. The air was moist, perfect conditions in the sweltering heat, and the corn looked ripe and golden, just right and ready for the harvesting season. Papa and Momma would be ecstatic. Mia gently wondered along home towards the clay houses, built near the hilly areas of Basra. She stopped near the young stream and picked up a small stick slashing at the overgrown grass cutting down the job for Papa and Momma. She skipped silently hoping to find a poor young animal and make it her own pet. She would care and nurture it. She searched silently hoping not to scare the animal. She was used to rodents like the desert mouse and the camel, but longed for a small animal like a desert cat. However it was not to be. It was a tiny mouse that Mia had already seen millions of times as she recalled. ...read more.


She slowly brushed away the leaves and there it was. A desert cat. It was sleeping as Mia thought. Mia gently picked it up and cradled the little baby. She had heard so much of a desert cat, and to hold one was much of a privilege to her. Her pace increased as she headed for home. The village had now come into sight. But something was wrong. The air that was moist had now turned smoky. The sun had seeped low too early. The stream which was Mia's best friend in the village had now turned red in evil. Hind, her old companion was lying on the floor battered by the evil. The harvest, that Momma and Papa had worked so hard for had disappeared, only to leave behind a trail of ash. Mia turned back towards the woods. She did not want her new friend to see the horrors of this world. It was completely wrong. Her small world of dreams was now being overcome by a world of hate and horror. She dropped off the small creature where is was and headed back for home. ...read more.


The white men in uniform were here. Mia looked around, blinded by the tears of fear in her eyes. Momma? Papa? She looked around frantically for her beloved ones. But alas, they were no where to be seen Mia knocked on her door when she stumbled home. Her manners had not faded. There was no reply. Tears flowed and flowed and Mia waited patiently. Finally she could take no more. She slowly opened the door. As she looked inside, her face lit up. Momma and Papa were sleeping on the floor, and Mamma's red colouring for the food had been spilt on the floor. Poppa was tasting the food colouring and it was seeping out of his mouth. Mia turned and headed towards the woods. Everything was ok. She wanted to show her new friend. She rushed towards the woods, with tears of joy after the scare. As she approached the woods she saw someone else there. His face was turned on the other side, near the spot where her pet was. Mia screamed as he turned around. It was her worst fears. It was...it was ...it was...the end. ADNAAN HAQ ...read more.

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