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The Deserted House

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The Deserted House I walked that road every day on my way to school, and had often glanced at the house but that day I actually stopped to look at it properly. I'm not sure what drew my attention to it, maybe it was the creaking gate or the banging of the door at the end of the path as the wind whistled through it into the house. Something drew me from the pavement towards the overgrown privet hedge, which partially obscured the rotting wooden gate, with the paint peeling from it. As I stepped inside the gate I was astounded by just how unkept it was. The long grass was a wilderness, filled with crisp packets and cans, and any other rubbish that people felt like hurling over the hedge or gate. There were the remains of an oriental take-away meal, which looked like it had attracted rodents. As well as long grass, the wilderness was full of thistles and there were dandelion seeds blowing everywhere. The flowerbeds were now barely visible to the side of the grass and filled with weeds and what was left of the hardwearing perennials. After I had managed to make my way down the path, kicking the litter to one side and trying to steer clear of the stinging nettles, ...read more.


Some one had obviously kicked it in. I hesitantly pushed it ajar and poked my head around it into the house. The first thing to hit me was the stench, a mixture of a horrible animal smell and a musty damp smell. I jerked back not sure if I wanted to continue but my curiosity got the better of me. I took my first step inside and was astonished by the interior of the house. I should have guessed it would be a wreck, after seeing the disrepair of the exterior, but this still managed to shock me. After only a few careful steps I had nearly managed to trip over several times. The carpets were ripped and moth eaten curling up from the floor. It was very dingy in there because the majority of the windows were boarded up, not letting the autumn sunshine into the dilapidated house. However, there were a few rays that managed to find their way into the house through the cracks in the boards or the only clear window. These few rays failed to light the big room though, leaving it shadowy. I tried to avoid falling over the junk mail pile in the hall, it was so big that it was easy to avoid. ...read more.


It was very much like the front garden but not filled with all the rubbish, it was just a wilderness. There was a stagnant pond to one side of the garden, filled with algae, and a lot more probably. At the bottom of the wilderness was a run down covered area of some sort. There was no path down to it, and I did not fancy picking my way through all the nettles and thistles to get a closer look. When I had finished surveying the garden I turned my attention back to the house, which had gone eerily quiet. The front door was not banging anymore, there were no creaking floorboards to be heard, and I could not hear the rustling of paper in the hall. All that could be heard were the birds outside and the tap dripping insistently. Feelings of guilt overcame me, I felt like I should not have been there uninvited and that this was a sign for me to leave. I moved swiftly to the front door and walked briskly out of the house, pulling the front door behind me, up the path again, the nettles already flattened from my first approach. When I reached the gate I took one last look at the abandoned house, before taking that final step onto the pavement and continuing my journey having satisfied my curiosity. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 English Creative Writing ...read more.

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