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The Detective

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The Detective When William woke, on the first cold winter's morning of the year, he found tears of cold sweat trickling down his brow. He noticed that his window had swung open during the night and as he arose to close it a short sharp shot of icy air rushed into his face. He quickly reached forward and slammed the window shut for he feared that another blast like that could turn the drops of sweat into tiny icicles. Will was about 27 years old and he had short brown hair that was full of grease because he could not afford proper shampoo. He had a large scar under his left eye, which he received after being attacked in the street by a gang of youths who were after his mobile phone, he was only 16 at the time. This may be why he became a crime fighter, a searcher for justice for the victims of the world, to try and bring righteousness to his country. His child hood dream was to become a policeman however when they found out about his "activities" in certain clubs they were not willing to let him become one of the boys in blue. So I guess becoming a detective was the next logical step. Soon after that he got dressed and entered the kitchen of the tiny flat, which he shared with his partner. ...read more.


They got a brand new office and had several highly respected clients. Then one day a case went horribly pear shaped. A wealthy woman's husband had been kidnapped. She went to them because she did not want the police to know as they may leak it to the papers. She refused to pay the ransom as she was very careful with money and was a bit of a penny grasper despite her fabulous wealth. Anyway Will was sent to leave a fake pay-off and retrieve her husband. However the kidnapper realised the payment was counterfeit and shot the husband, leaving their client devastated. Following this she ran a huge smear campaign, which ruined their company. For the past year Will and Peter had been trying to scrape by. The money evaporated with all the bills for both the flat and the office. They were then forced to sell up and move their business to Coventry in the hope of new clients. There was no help from Will's parents because they were so annoyed he had not listened to their advice, and with Peter's parents dead, there was no way out unless they could get more business. Suddenly they awoke from their semi conscious trance of depression and gloom. They decided it was time to head down to the office. ...read more.


He sat in a stunned silence for a while and started trying to ask questions but not being able to get the words out properly due to his pure state of shock. "What?" "Who?" "Why?" "When?" These were the only words he could splutter. Will explained to Peter why he did not take the case. "What?!" Peter roared with anger. "We could have done something!" "We need every penny we can get and now your turning away clients!" he screamed, launching the tuna sandwiches at considerable speed towards Will's head. "I don't believe this, how stupid can you possibly be?!" "Calm down Peter" Will shouted "Be realistic, what could we have done, ay!" There was a short pause followed by Peter shouting "Anything other than turning a money paying client away and losing all hope of earning any money!" He sat in the chair opposite Will, slammed his fists on the table and bowed his head in disbelief. He let out a huge sigh. He suddenly bolted up to his feet as if he had sat on a red hot poker, and he began the string of questions as before. "What?" "Why?" "How?" He paced the floor of the office and in a final breath of disgust he said simply. "I need some fresh air!" Saying this he stormed out of the office and slammed the door so hard the frosted glass nearly fell out of its old wooden frame. James Iles M51B -1- ...read more.

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