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The Devil of Boscombe Hill

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The Devil of Boscombe Hill. The view from the top of the hill was stunning. I could see light rays being reflected in all directions by a clear water river, which meandered across the landscape. I could see the zigzag pattern of hedgerows segmenting the land, while herds of cows and sheep grazed at the rich, juicy grass. Above my head was a picturesque sky streaked with reds and oranges like a warm open fire. I felt a warm breeze hit the back of my neck and the damp, softness of the ground that sat beneath my feet. As I stood at the top of the hill my mind cleared of all impurities and time seemed to stand still, it was heaven. As I took a deep breath of the country air the smell of wild flowers and a bonfire burning nearby inhabited my nose. I felt isolated on the hill, that's one of the reasons I liked it. I looked up at the sky one more time to see that the sun was beginning to set. The sun turned a dull orange colour as it began to slowly disappear into the horizon. ...read more.


I began to jog, keener now to get back home. As I went further into the dark, unknown woods. I could feel an eerie sense that I was being followed. I turned in a flash, but saw nothing but trees and a few brambles that were sprawled all over the ground. I carried on. This time looking out the corner of my eye for any disturbances in the leaves. I didn't hear anything for about minute so I decided I was imagining things and slowed down a little. It was then I heard a noise. I jumped round in an instant to see the leaves of a bush just to the left of me rustling. I slowly crept over, like a lion stalking its prey and looked into the bush. A bird with torn feathers, as though some sort of animal had clawed at it, was whimpering in pain. It became motionless and was clearly going to die in a few seconds. At that exact moment a fowl stench filled the air. I could hear some heavy breathing just a few metres away from me. I looked up and saw two giant, red glowing eyes beaming down at me. ...read more.


I felt it dive at my leg; its pointed claws dug deep into my flesh and created a huge gash. I couldn't run. The blood was pouring out from me like water from a tap. I began to feel faint and staggered to the ground. I looked behind to check on the beast. Where was it? I panicked and then realised it must of injured itself in the desperate dive at my leg. There it was. The beast came round the corner. It was hobbling towards me with what looked to be a broken leg. I felt a strange respect for its determination. Surely now it would have its reward. It was getting nearer and nearer looking deep into my eye. I had to make one more attempt at getting away. I used all my last energy to drag myself up the trunk of a tree that stood next to me. I sat in a v-shaped branch and looked down at the beast. It began to climb up the tree now I had no chance of escape, but its leg gave way and the beast fell to the ground. It lunged higher, digging its sharp claws into the bark and narrowly missing me. I saw its face looking determinedly at me, believing it would get me this time. As it prepared to jump my eyes closed and I fainted. ...read more.

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