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The Diary of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank In this project, I will be comparing the life of Anne Frank to mine. Firstly, I will give a brief timeline of the main events that took place in her lifetime. Then I will begin to compare the various aspects of her life to mine. Finally, I will draw up a conclusion. Annelies Marie Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany, just 60 years before I was, 1929. During the first three years of her life, The Great Depression happened. The National Socialist Party began to gain support. In 1933, Hitler was made Chancellor. This was the same year that Otto Frank and his family moved to Holland. A year later Anne began school and in 1935 "Juden Verboten" ("No Jews") appeared on signs in restaurants and shops all over Germany. Later that year, the Nuremburg Laws were introduced. I can't imagine what it would be like to know that I wasn't wanted in my home country. ...read more.


January 7th 1945, Auschwitz is liberated. Otto Frank is the soul survivor from the annex. Anne had a fairly middle class life up until she moved to Holland. There she made new friends, but lived a lesser lifestyle. The only comparison I can think of is when I moved to middle school. I was the only one to go to Lindisfarne from my first school, it was hard at first, but I soon made new friends. Obviously moving countries is much harder than schools so I can only imagine what it would have been like for Anne. It wasn't long before her eleventh birthday, around the same time that Jews were starting to be "erased" from Germany. At this time, Anne had to go to an all Jewish school. This was her first experience of other people hating her because of her own religion. Anne wasn't able to speak to her friends, go to the cinema/theatre, go shopping, use a telephone or even go to the park. ...read more.


I am a very personal person. I can stay in my room for hours without having to speak to other people. However, I could come down and have hour long conversations with people I've never met before. Hearing what Anne went through though makes me wonder how a seemingly insignificant book kept her sane and positive for that amount of time. August 4th, 1944. Just sixty years ago this year, the eleven were betrayed. Nazi soldiers came storming up and took away everyone in the room. They all went to concentration camps like Auschwitz. After a month they were all separated, after a year ten were dead. This makes me angry, the fact that they managed to stay alive for so long to be killed anyway, because of one man. Hitler. The story of Anne Frank shows to me that the authority Hitler had made a fourteen yr old girl physically break down. The story shows just how oppression is converted into depression. The pressure in her mind was released by conferring with her diary. Joe Lockey ...read more.

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