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The Diary of Eva Smith.

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The Diary of Eva Smith Sam Berry 11B September 27th, 1910 Dear Diary, Breakfast this morning consisted of two eggs, some bacon, a slice of fried bread and a cup of sweet tea. A perfect start to the day. Meredith and I have been thinking of an equal rights parade, and as you are well aware, today is the day. The demonstration was a hoot, but Mr Birling wasn't in the office to see the commotion we caused. Unfortunately Donald made a list of names to give to Mr Birling tomorrow, so we shall have to explain our problems tomorrow. September 28th, 1910 Dear Diary, Mr Birling called Meredith and I into his office this morning, on account of the demonstration which we held yesterday afternoon on the factory floor. ...read more.


It was one of the afternoon customers who spoiled the day for me. A regular customer, Sheila Birling came in with her mother looking for a new party outfit. She picked a couple of outfits, but the first one she chose was a complete disaster. It was so shocking I couldn't contain my mirth well enough and she saw my grin and was deeply offended. She scowled at me, then went to see Mr Milward, complaining about my "appalling" service. Mr Milward pretty much fired me on the spot, for being "impertinent", or something of a similar nature. I don't know what I shall do now, as I was lucky to get that job, so I'll hunt for another in the morning. I feel another name change is in order, as no doubt Mr Milward will pass my name on to other businesses in the area. ...read more.


The house I'm now staying in is much nicer than the old backroom accommodation I was stuck in before, although it is only temporary due to it belonging to a friend of his who is in Canada for a few months. I feel something for Gerald, although I am not sure what it could be... September 3rd, 1911 Dear Diary, Gerald finished our relationship this morning. He is leaving on a business trip tomorrow, and felt it would be best to end it this way. I don't blame him, and he insisted on giving me money as a parting gift. I shall use this and the money I saved during the summer, for I lived very economically then, as well you know, and I will leave Brumley for a little while. I need to get away and be quiet and remember, just to make it last longer... ...read more.

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