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The Diary of Jane Foster

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The Diary of Jane Foster Once the 1,000 years have ended Satan shall be loosed from his prison. Revelation 21:07 It's cold here. It's always cold here, even in summer. My mother used to tell me stories of the old way, before the awakening, she said flowers used to grow in the fields and beasts of all shapes and sizes once roamed the earth. I don't believe her of course. It's just a stupid story to make me feel better. December 18th 230 A.A The president made a speech today; he said that we would soon be on our way to full economic recovery. What does it matter? I'm 65 now and by the time the world recovers economically I shall be dead and buried. But I don't care; we all have to die sometime. I sometimes try to make sense of it all, but I can't. Why was he taken from me, why was I left, why is the world like this, why, why, why. He could of made sergeant by now. I hate being a Class 2 citizen but just have to live with it, I just don't think that it is fair that people in Class 1 get to have bigger houses ...read more.


She chose me. I came back with two black eyes and a broken shoe. She came back with two black eyes and a broken leg! She deserved it. Today I had to investigate a double suicide, they have been on the rise recently, probably due to Christmas, but I just can't help thinking that something strange is going on. I hate being a coroner. Tuesday 22nd December 230 A.A He is not dead. I'm writing this in the corner of my office hoping that one day someone will find out the truth about the awakening. I was working on yet another suicide victim when suddenly his arm rose up. Anxiously I rose up out of my chair and hoped that it was just nerves firing up. But then his back moved. I ran to the phone. The line was dead. The dead mans eyes started to move. He looked at me. He spoke. He said "Jane! Jane it's me Derek". I whispered, "It can't be, your dead!" "I never died Jane. There is no such thing as death Jane." "I don't understand". I said reaching over for my scalpel. ...read more.


He shall destroy once prosperous crops and villages and make the Earth barren." He paused and cleared his dilapidated throat and muttered, " The thousand years ended 65 years ago." "No I, I, It's impossible. It's my not my fault" I said. "You misunderstand me, you are not the beast! But the beast used you and your life will have to be cut short and mine restored." "Okay I understand. I am miserable anyway, but before you kill me, let me make a note on all that has transpired her." " I agree." He escorted me back to my office. And that's where I'm up to. I have one last chance of living though. Derek is now asleep. I'm going to jump him and hopes fully escape. Here goes... 23rd December 2300 A.A Chief Police Officers Log It's amazing; all plant life has been restored all around Earth. It's like a dream. Beasts huge and small are also roaming the fields. Banner Housing estate has disappeared and left an entire forest, like in fairy tales. Amendment A report of a flashing white entity around banner housing wood has been noted. The carcass of unidentified woman has also been discovered along with a diary in the coroner's office. Sgt. Derek Foster ...read more.

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