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The Diary of Katya Abelsky American soldier in WWI

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The Diary of Katya Abelsky American soldier in WWI IB HOA Per. 7 My involvement in the war has lasted about 3 months now. This life is far from what I imagined it to be. Back at home it was common to believe that anything endured during the war would be worth it in the end, but I'm not so sure anymore. My experiences out here have erased any remnants of that idealistic thinking. As I lay down to sleep, the only thoughts in my mind are those of fear. I fear the following hours as I know what they will bring: the trenches. Time spent in the trenches is far worse than anything I have ever been through. Tasting I never expected war life to be extravagant or even comfortable, but I did however expect the "basics" among them food. ...read more.


Worse, however, is the mud. Mud fills the trenches and clings to our bodies. It is nearly impossible to walk because of the effort that has to be used as we pull each foot out of the mud only to relinquish it back to the mud within the following moments. Each of these circumstances builds on the others. The result? A feeling of filth and confinement, of surrounding gnats and insects. A feeling of disgust. Katya Abelsky Hearing. The sounds dominate every memory I have of the time in the trenches. Over all sounds, was the sound of gunshots- gunshot after gunshot after gunshot. Machine guns, rifles, grenades: We had learned to decipher between each of them. Despite our knowledge, however, the constant rain of bullets affected each of us. ...read more.


In someways, however, I prefer this blindness to the day. During the day, the sun illuminates the element of war which I would rather forget- death. All around us, are scattered corpses. The men whom I knew and those whom I would never know. Katya Abelsky Smelling. The smell was horrible. There are bodies everywhere. Friends and Foes. Despite the identity, each had the same fate. The bodies were left there amidst their still living companions. They were left there at the hands of the atmosphere. They were left there to rot. The corpses which surrounded us contributed to a revolting odor which welcomed us at every moment. The smell of the bodies seemed to devour us in its presence; we were unable to free ourselves from it's grasp. The odor was influential itself. It hindered our ability to eat, to drink, and in each of our small processes. Katya Abelsky ...read more.

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