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The difference between commonsense assumption and sociology expiation

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The difference between commonsense assumption and sociology expiation Commonsense assumption is the subjective idea of human being, which represents the view that everybody knows about the social world or human behavior. Moreover, each individual has different exposition of it, which depends on the own experience, class, race, background, occuption, education, family and etc. in other words, these assumptions can be explained in terms of an individualistic and naturalistic ideology. The reason of this is the individuals use their own knowledge and method to build commonsense statements, which apart from sociological forms. Hence, this kind of commonsense perception may not be objective and be illustrated via the investigations as well. On the contrary, sociological knowledge is more plausible, because it be examined through the wide confirmation of human behaviors, which concerned with realities rather than superficial supposition. Now I am going to show five typical samples below to be in favor of this version. ...read more.


But the factors of why men tend to use violence to solve problems more readily are culture and expectations. Men's behaviors are not be controlled tightly by others, whilst others can limit women' s. For instance, if a girl is very aggressive, her parents will pay more attention to her and try to discipline her. But if this is a boy, I am certainly sure that his parents will not correct him, because it is very common and acceptable as a boy. Therefore, aggression is in term of a men's action, namely learnt and encouraged by family or school, but it is not instincitively. However, nowadays, women want to be aggressive, since the culture allows feminism and people can accept it as well. All of these results in more women work outside family, requiring equal power and position as men's. The third sample-falling in love is a natural human emotion, which is held as a view that romantic love has existed in all societies at all time. ...read more.


Furthermore, teenages have extra freedom of sex. What I mean by this is school and family usually have the vague attitudes to tackle it and may not avoid them to attempt this kind of sexual action if they want. And there is also not any distinct laws that to forbid this behavior. The last example argued that if making contraception available to teenagers through school clinics will encourage them to be more sexual actives because they will not have to worry about unwanted pregnancy. However, actually, when we after researching, the result of teenagers pregnancy reduced remarkable is concluded to us if they are better informed about sex. All in all, evidently, the commonsense assumption is a kind personal and subjective consciousness, sometimes it may not very correct with the reality. On the contrary, sociological explanation totally accords to the real world, which is more impersonally and objectively. In short, I prefer to deal with things use the second method rather than the first one. Vivian Group 4 05-12-02 - 1 - ---------------------------------------Qingdao IFY Sociology Assignment------------------------------------ ...read more.

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