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The different Interpretations Of the film Romeo and Juliet!

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The different Interpretations Of the film Romeo and Juliet! To prepare for this essay I have already seen two versions of Romeo + Juliet, one version was made in 1968 and directed by an Italian man called Franco Zefirelli. The other version was made in the late 1990's and was directed by an American called Baz Luhrman. Both versions are completely different from each other. I will analyse and give my own opinion on what I think about each play. The version of Romeo + Juliet that is directed by Baz Luhrman is set in modern times and surroundings. They have also used modern costumes and props. This version looks as if it is set in Florida with the palm trees. He tried to show and pack as much violence as he could in the first scene of the play; he does this with the two sides fighting each other in a gun fight. I think that scene described and gave an insight into what was going to happen through out the play. The party in the modern version shows you how wealthy the Capulet family is. ...read more.


The Franco Zefirelli version of the play is much different. He uses more authentic costumes, props and surroundings to Shakespeare's play. He uses big castle buildings. The accents of the characters are more traditional and English. The soundtrack that features in the film is boring. Zefirelli uses the music at his best when he changes the music to fit the mood in the scene e.g. Sad, happy or angry. The setting in the play doesn't look interesting because it is very dull and plain where as in the Baz Luhrman version they have tall building all sparking clean and much more interesting than the 1968 film. When Zefirelli made his film he maybe had fewer resources than Baz Luhrman. Because the films are set in different times, the Zefirelli version uses swords when there fighting, the modern Baz Luhrman version uses guns. He has this to show the different times he has set his play in. In a way guns do create a bigger build of tension when the enemies are shooting at each at each other. ...read more.


Zefirelli has tried to keep the play as tradiontional as possible, where as Luhrman has altered the play to make it set in modern times with modern surroundings and props. I think that I like the Baz Luhrman better then the Franco Zefirelli version because I am used to seeing the flashy cars and tall buildings. Another way Baz Luhrmans version of Romeo and Juliet is better is that he has used actors and actresses that are already famous and recognised so people will go to see that film any way. The Franco Zefirelli version uses actors that are totally unknown and had never made a film after that one. The acting in the Luhrman version was a lot better then the other film. Both films missed scenes out; this was because the directors probably wanted to make the film their own. Overall then I prefer the Baz Luhrman version of the play because it is set in modern times and because the acting was a lot better. I also think that the difference in time that the films were made in, affected the way the two films were made. Gulraj Chatha 10W 1 ...read more.

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