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The different types of love demonstrated in Romeo and Juliet.

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Within the book Romeo and Juliet there are many different types of love demonstrated through the characters including many different contrasting loves such as romantic love and sexual love. There are also many sensible types of love such as practical love shown in this book and I think Shakespeare has shown a very practical understanding of love. There are two main issues that Shakespeare brings across in this book and these are that romantic love is the most powerful type of love which demonstrated through Romeo and Juliet and that love overcomes hate which is proven when the Capulets and Montagues come together. In the book one of the first types of love shown is the love practiced by Romeo when he is trying to attract Rosaline. This love is known as fashionable love, unrequited love or courtly love because in the day men would try and court ladies which they knew they had no chance to go out with by using flowery language, " For beauty starved with her severity, Cuts beauty off from all prosperity." This proves that that Romeo is quite experienced with trying to court Rosaline as he uses many lines of flowery language which is also known as Petrarchan verse. ...read more.


say Jove laughs" which means that the King of gods laughs at flowery language and that she thinks it is false to use such speech. This shows that that his flowery language does not attract her and that she just wants him to be straight up. This also proves that she prefers romantic love to fashionable love, which is stronger and more practical. It shows that she is more sensible than Romeo even though she has no experience of love. Although Juliet is practical she is also delirious and blinded by love because she does not think of the consequences of her parents catching them and she is the person who suggests to have a marriage the day after they meet. The next type of love is all about sex. This is known as bawdy or sexual love. This type of love is demonstrated by the Nurse, Gregory, Sampson and Mercutio and is the first type of love that arises in the play when Gregory and Sampson are talking. They talk about women as sexual objects when they say that women are, " pretty pieces of flesh." ...read more.


Love is like business to him because he believes it would be a good investment. The last type of love demonstrated in Romeo and Juliet is Friar Lawrence's moderate view of love, which is the opposite of Romeo and Juliet's immediate and passionate. He says to Romeo, "Wisely and slow they stumble that run fast." which proves the he believes in taking love slowly. He marries them since his reasoning is that it will bring their families together which is sensible and shows that he is religious, as he believes in peace. Shakespeare has a very sophisticated view of love and this is proven by the act that he uses many types of love in all of his plays very effectively. Within Romeo and Juliet he uses several types of love and there are two messages that he brings across. Firstly he brings across that romantic love is the most powerful when compared to all of the others because Romeo and Juliet's love is the most powerful love in the play and finally he brings across the point that love overcomes hate because the Capulets and Montagues break the feud between their families due to Romeo and Juliets' death. Romeo and Juliet Coursework- Examine the different types of Love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Khushal Morjaria 10S ...read more.

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