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The Digging In The Creekbed

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The Digging In The Creekbed First, let me say that as a scientist,I tend to be very skeptical -- I think that almost all unusual phenomena have a rational explanation somewhere -- although sometimes highly unusual in itself. I also know that science cannot (at least yet) explain everything that happens. We have one such event in our family's past that we refer to as: [insert spooky music score here] "the digging in the creekbed". My brothers and I grew up in an old (for Colorado) stone house that was built in 1872 (as an aside, I still live there). By all "rights", the place SHOULD be haunted. Right behind the house is a sandstone shelter cave that was used for at least a couple thousand years (off and on) by Native Americans. The house was used as the center for a tuberculosis patient camp for many years. Alferd Packer, Colorado's famous (believed) cannible, was a frequent guest at the house after he got out of jail. ...read more.


INSTANTLY. My father's (a research physicist) only comment -- "well, there's got to be SOME logical explanation, but I'll be damned if I can say what". It only happened that one summer. Not a thing since. This is the only unusual thing we ever observed around the house (well, there was the occasional "figures in a monk's hood" going by the windows, but since that always involved peripheral vision, I tend to put that down to imagination. Well, I'm afraid that's the only true, personal "ghost" story I have to offer The Glowing Red Demon Eyes Those of you who (aren't STILL sleeping off my last story) remember my last post may remember that I grew up in an old stone house (built in 1872) with a creekbed behind it (usually dry), out in the wilds (well, almost) of Colorado. If any house ever LOOKED like it should be haunted, it was this one. I mention this because I think this may have added to the impact of [insert spooky music score] "the glowing red demon eyes". ...read more.


As I stood paralyzed with fear, they watched me for a second, then swooped off over the creekbed where they stopped, watched for a moment, then vanished. Contrary to what my little brother will tell you, I DID NOT then go flying through the kitchen door screaming like a banshee. But I will admit that I am rather glad I already emptied my bladder before this encounter... Some time a little later (well ok. a LOT later) after I had regained my composure, I started thinking "there HAS to be a rational explanation. besides, Colin has been seeing this thing for weeks, and it hasn't eaten HIM yet...". So I screwed up my courage, and forced myself back outside. And yes, the fact that Dad came along this time DID help! We waited, and waited, and then suddenly THERE WERE THE EYES! Or rather, there were the brake lights reflected in the window. It seems that through a rather miraculous set of refractions and reflections, the people stopping at the collection of mailboxes out front had their brakelights reflected in the porch windows out back... Which just goes to show, all that haunts is not a spook. Or something ...read more.

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