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The Doctor's journal

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The Doctors journal 1376-January 13th Tuesday Today, for the second night in a row, I stayed awake to see Lady Macbeth apparently sleepwalk. The Gentlewoman, who also looks after Lady Macbeth, had told me of times that she had seen the Queen carry out this strange behaviour. I haven't yet had the luck to observe this yet, but I think I'll give it one more night. But if this sleepwalking account were true then it wouldn't surprise me because recently the queen has been getting more and more distant from the king, and she has also been acting very peculiar most recently, as if she is trying to keep something from me. Usually, if there was anything wrong with her she would tell me, as I am her doctor, she would trust me and reveal what is wrong. I haven't any idea what she is trying to hide, but I have heard many rumours. For example, I have heard that the murder of MacDuff's dear wife and loved child, were brutally murdered by the King, and that the murders of Duncan and Banquo, were also engineered by MacBeth, as maybe he thought they stood in his way of becoming King. ...read more.


I am used to treating people of the flu, minor cuts and bruises, and maybe a major surgery once in a while, but nothing like this, for this reason I do not feel that I am capable of doing this duty. January 18th Saturday Today, when I told Macbeth of his wife's dear behaviour he told me very bluntly 'Cure her of that'. But of what? I have not got the power to cure her of the unknown disease that she has. His reply showed me that he does not care much for his wife, it was as if he was dismissing the case as if it was nothing, and he does not realise the full extent of his wife's illness. At the beginning of our meeting, Macbeth had a lot of strange information, which I had no idea where he got it from. He said 'Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane I cannot taint with fear'. But where did he get this information? Who has he been associating with outside the castle? I found this very strange and eerie because it seemed that he knew too much for his own good. ...read more.


I, myself do not believe that she had commit suicide because even though she was mentally disturbed, by day she seemed to be contented with her life, whether she was hiding her depression, I do not know for sure, but I do believe there is more behind it then suicide. I have some suspicions on who the murderer is, that is if there was one. I feel that it is most likely to be Macbeth. This may be because he felt that she was giving away to much about their plans and schemes. He may have felt sorry for her as he could she her mental torture, and knew that she couldn't cope with it. But I sure am thankful that I'm not working at that castle any more. If it was suicide then Macbeth may have blamed me for this and as the consequence murdered me. I am on my last leg on my journey to England and believe that when I get there I can start a new life for my self, as a baker. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andrew Papasavva 10 Dolbe English coursework Doctor's Journal ...read more.

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