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The door slammed shut never to be opened again

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'The door slammed to be opened again' The door slammed shut never to be opened again ? Nothing can be done now. It all started on a normal Friday morning. I was eating my breakfast: it was cereal whilst I was eating my cereal I started to think about how boring my day was going to be. While I was day dreaming I didn?t realise the time and I was suddenly awaken by my mum saying ?Come on you're going to be late!? I woke up with a start and shoved my shoes on, rammed on my coat, and ran out of the door not forgetting to kiss my mum good bye. ...read more.


I did notice this one thing though- a door. A door in the middle of the pavement. It was blue and it had a gold door knob and a gold slightly rusty letter box and a brown welcome mat- it wasn't attached to a house or anything. So I looked around the door to see if anything was behind it, nothing. I looked around the road, but it was empty too. I tried the knob at first it was stiff but I as I kept turning it it loosened up and I pushed the door open. I tried to look into it, but all I could see was a bright white light and not the rest of the pavement. ...read more.


In my mothers arms there- was a baby. It was me. Caught in the moment I had only just realised that, that door was a door into the past. A nurse came in and took me away I assume to get some medical checks done. So I followed her along a long narrow corridor to a giant room with row upon row upon row of babies the nurse settled baby me down on the third row four across and went about her business and left the room I went over to where baby me was sleeping and I reached out carefully to touch my tiny little nose I moved slightly and stayed sound asleep so I decried to pick baby me up and I wriggled a little but then baby me settled ...read more.

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