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The Downfall of Macbeth

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Corey E. Lerman May 31, 2002 English 11 Online The Downfall of Macbeth The tragic downfall of MacBeth cannot be blamed on one person, or event, or on one single cause. His downward spiral from celebrated hero to murderer was caused by a combination of three forces: the supernatural powers of the withes, external forces, such as Lady MacBeth, and finally internal forces, which contributes to MacBeth's own ambitions and desire to reach power. The Three Witch Sister's predictions into MacBeth's future play a very vital role in leading MacBeth to commit the various evil deeds throughout the play. They do this by tricking MacBeth into thinking that he is fated to be crowned as King. ...read more.


After the Witches set MacBeth on a path of destruction, it will be his wife, Lady MacBeth that pushes him over the edge; she is the one who pushes him to actually commit the murder against Duncan. It would seem throughout the story that Lady MacBeth never really wants anything for herself, as she never mentions about her own desire to become queen. Lady MacBeth is apparently happy with her husband becoming king and having all the glory. She manipulates MacBeth into killing Duncan, by saying that if he really loved her, he would kill Duncan. Lady MacBeth uses any means necessary to make MacBeth commit the horrific crimes. ...read more.


It was not the Witches, or Lady MacBeth who advised, or even suggested him to kill Banquo and his son, and MacDuff's family. He decided these brutal actions, with no supernatural or external forces at work. In conclusion, it is true that Lady MacBeth and the Witches played a vital role in MacBeth's downfall, yet they were not solely responsible. Of the three forces, the internal drive for power is what led to MacBeth's downfall. It was MacBeth's decision to commit these crimes, and it was also MacBeth who chose to continue to follow this path of blood and destruction. Yes, without the Witches and Lady MacBeth, MacBeth would of not turned to the dark side of humanity, but it was the combination of all three forces, which turned out fatal, for both MacBeth's victims and MacBeth himself. ...read more.

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