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The Dreaded Journey.

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The Dreaded Journey Beep!!! The alarm clock screams as it awakens me from my slumber. Here we go again to the horrid centre of hell named SCHOOL. As my eyes widen and my colourful bedroom comes into vision, I see a light, slowly rising and shining into the window of my bedroom. The light becomes brighter as I awaken and suddenly daylight occurs. My fragile feet touch the flaming floor, while my hands carefully press down on the door handle. I turn left and carry on down a short, steep, staircase where I come across the stench of sweaty shoes and trainers. I open a wooden door to the side of where I stand and encounter a crazy cat, lazing about on the top of the luscious white leather couch. The room was all in a cr�me colour which made the room look really big, also to keep the big theme is a massive silver 38 inch wide/flat screen, colour TV with matching DVD and VHS player in the far left corner of the room. ...read more.


This dog was massive; it was black and brown in colour and had long, upright and pointy ears. That was when I came to realise that I was staring straight into the eyes on an Alsatian. It was really bright in the kitchen, colours like orange and yellow made it seem as if you were on another planet, which was when I heard a noise, it seemed to follow me, I turned around, and nothing was to be seen. I walked toward the circular table, and there it was again, footsteps. "Duff", "Duff", "Duff". I look down and finally find that I was standing on laminate flooring, also in a wooden design. I then walk into the beautiful bathroom, where I see pink, pink, pink, surrounding me from all angles, there was also a bath, sink and toilet within the room, all in the plain, but effective colour white, but like every room in the house there was 1 thing that stuck out like a Leeds United fan in a Manchester United game. ...read more.


Carrying on down the road a post office and bakery are to be seen, which believe it or not sell bread and stamps. After here I walked round a long winding road called Church Street, which is a good name because, there is a church. It was really quiet on this road, therefore, so was I. At the end of this road there were more useless traffic lights and pelican crossings. From here I turned right down a short, but wide alleyway. Down here there is an opening at the end in a brick wall leading straight into the noisy and jam packed car park of the Co-op supermarket. This is a super supermarket as it is very big and has everything from bakeries to travel agents inside, with a bunch of flats on the roof. Just around the corner of here is yet another pelican crossing which takes us from the starter straight to the main course. The town centre. This is the place where all of the tiny town of Ossett's money is spent. There are butchers, bakeries, newsagents, caf�'s, ...read more.

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