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The Dream

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THE DREAM It was dark there were no souls about. I seemed to be in some sort of cave. Then suddenly there was a bright flash which illuminated the cave. I heard a deep drowning voice it sounded like 'MOOOOOO.' I heard it again this time it sounded as if it was coming from deep inside the cave. Then something startled me it came from the mouth of the cave which was right behind me. It sounded as if the cave had just closed, so there was no escape for me. I was contemplating what to do. Should I go deeper into the cave? I then suddenly remembered the sound that came from deep inside the cave; I had made a decision to go down the cave. As I was merrily trotting down the cave I noticed a book which lay near a skeleton. It looked like a diary. I slowly crept towards the skeleton which was rotting and looked very old. The book was held tightly round the chest of the decomposing skeleton. ...read more.


I dropped the book. I decided to find my way through this labyrinth. As I went down I noticed a torch on the floor. I examined it closely and saw that there was no bulb. Then I remembered the flash when I first arrived in the labyrinth could this have been it? If it is then it must mean there is someone else in the cave with me. Could it be Ghufran? Also what was that strange 'MOOOOOO' sound earlier on? There were so many unanswered questions. I then saw a small shadow. 'WOOF WOOF' barked a dog. I ran up to see it. There was a left or right turn I decided to go left. I walked up five metres then I saw a vague shadow. I called out 'who's there' there was no answer. I called out again 'hello anyone there.' Then the shadow seemed to come closer. I looked at the shadow mystified. ...read more.


So I stood there waiting for my horrific death, but as I stood there I noticed something. The dog had a smaller head next to it connected to its neck which looked like cows head. This explained the 'MOOOOOO' sound. Then suddenly the dog took once slash at me and 'URGH.' 'ARGH!' I woke up screaming in my bed. 'It was a dream just a dream' I shouted. The rest of the night I could not get any sleep. Then I realised the time, its time for school. My mate John walked me up to school. I did not tell him about my dream he will think I'm crazy. My first lesson was history. I sat down on my chair. The teacher spoke softly and said 'students we are going on an expedition to a cave which they discovered newly. It is compulsory that you all go.' I thought to myself 'NO' this can't just be a coincidence. Then I remembered the diamond. I put my hand in my pocket and found the diamond 'NOOOO............................' ...read more.

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