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The Dreams

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The Dreams With a start, he abruptly sat up. The constant memory of the event haunted his dreams. Every night he would wake, covered with a cold sweat, his heart pumping madly as the adrenaline coursed through his veins. It would either take hours, or would be impossible to return to sleep and even when he did, more than likely he would awake from the same dream, the same recollections... The tablets his doctor prescribed helped him sleep, but not better. The dreams still occurred, the only difference being that he now no longer woke suddenly, halfway through; instead he lived through the entire night again. Sometimes his subconscious made the event less horrific, more than often it found new ways to make it worse. Even with the help of the tablets he felt tired and worn out the next day. The bags under his eyes were constantly growing and at work he increasingly fell into a zombie like state, too tired to socialise (not that he did since that night anyhow) and even to work. He had already been given two official warnings; one more and he would lose his job. ...read more.


Mr Blackwell has told me about your recent tragedy, not that I needed telling, as soon as I heard your name I recognised it from the papers. Please accept my condolences for your loss. Now please be honest as by not helping me, you are inadvertently not helping yourself. Have you grieved for your loss?" Jack mumbled something. "Pardon?" "Losses". He said. "But I thought..." "No I made sure the papers didn't print it but my wife was... was..." his lower jaw began to tremble and he struggled to not cry. Once he fought it back he continued "my wife was pregnant". "Oh I'm so sorry. Did you grieve through for your losses?" "No". "Not even at the funeral?" "No." "You don't have to but you may find it helps if you talk about it to me. It may help you to overcome the worst and properly grieve. You blame yourself don't you?" "It was... it was my fault." The tears tried to come again but he fought them back. "I am sure it wasn't but tell you what, tell me exactly what happened and I will judge for myself if it was your fault." ...read more.


He knew that if he went home he would have a peaceful sleep. He got up and ran as fast as he could, still crying. He only got a glimpse of the receptionist as he ran past and even then the tears blurred her. As he got outside he found it was now dark with only street lights providing light. He tried to clear his eyes as he ran. When he finally did stop crying he was across the street from his house. Something caught his eye. As he looked up he saw it was the North Star. As he starred at it he realised it wasn't actually the North Star that caught his eye but what was flying above it. A single bright shooting star, the first he had ever seen. He kept staring at it as he ran to his house, now sure that his fianc´┐Ż where ever she was didn't blame him for her death. He was so preoccupied with the shooting star he never saw the car coming. He heard the squeal of breaks however but by then it was too late. He flew across the air and his head smacked off the pavement with a spine tingling crunch. As he lay there he finally knew that his nightmares would stop. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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