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The Dress is a short story, written by Julia Darling in 2006

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The Dress ?The Dress? is a short story, written by Julia Darling in 2006. Darling was an award winning British novelist, poet and dramatist. This text is an analysis and interpretation focusing on some topics that relate to this specific text. The story focuses on the lead female characters, the sisters Rachel and Flora. Together with the subordinate character their mother. Their mother works as a bereavement counsellor. We start off, by hearing Rachel standing in the hallway, shouting at her sister Flora. Flora has taking Rachel?s new and beautiful dress from the kitchen. Rachel is really upset, and starts searching the house, but finds nothing. She later meets her mother and sister, at a restaurant to celebrate her mothers fortieth birthday. At first Rachel tries not to stir the problem up, but her mother is aware of the hollow silence between them. As the story continues, Rachel finally tells her mother, about the stolen dress. At first Flora does not want to admit it but later she does, and they all get very upset. ...read more.


That she is quite lonely, and feels that she is difficult to love. The mother is in the begging quite passive in the fight between the sisters, and she tries to keep calm. But she gradually becomes more and more upset and hurt. It?s like she is a bomb just waiting to explode. And in the end we can really see, that see has got some serious problems. She completely freaks out, and gets a panic attack. She ends up with just staring into the empty air. She might be regretting it all, or just reflecting over her sad empty life. - The relationship between Flora and Rachel, is judging by Rachel?s point of view not very good. It seems if though, the relationship between the sisters is messed up. Rachel usually locks up her things, so that Flora does not take them. So it does not feel like; there is a lot of trust in their relationship. Also Flora says: ?The dress made her feel taller, braver, cleverer, and Rachel was all those things already? [2]. ...read more.


So we get to know, how all the women feel, under the whole text. It gives the reader a better understanding, because the readers can see their private thoughts, and therefore understand them better. - The themes in the text are family complications, and jealousy. The whole text revolves around the difficult relationship, between the two sisters, because of Flora?s jealousy issues. And the friction between them ruins the whole family. It causes the older sister, to move in with their father. This makes the mother feel completely alone, and she is left with her troubled daughter Flora. Not with her clever and responsible favourite daughter Rachel. It must also be hard for the mother, to see her daughter move in with her father. Assuming that the father left their mother. Either that, or they got a unanimous divorce. Since it?s their father, but he does not live with them anymore. To finish it all off, it shows that in divided families, there are quite often a lot of problems, with abandonment and loneliness. This is a bad example of how communication or more the lack of it has ruined an entire family. ________________ [1] P. 10, L. 96-97 [2] P. 9, L. 36-37 ...read more.

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