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The Drums Of War

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The Drums Of War The sound of the beating drums echoed in my ears. My heartbeat raced to match its steady rhythm. The stranger urged me to accelerate; I would not have listened to him, but he, however, had the sharp metal shaft, locked and loaded, pressed to my temple. He commanded me to drive to the river; I blindly obeyed, like a dog yielding to its master's strict tone. The stranger clutched a black bag to his chest, its strange disorientated form Intrigued me, but I did not dare ask it's contains. When we finally reached our destination, the sky had turned black; and God wept for me, and the hopeless situation he had put me in. He calmly got out of the car and slowly walked to open my door. "Get out." He said with a cool yet sharp tone. The glint in his eye, and the moon reflecting off of his raven black hair reminded me of a face, a person, that I had lost long ago. ...read more.


Our tree. Where he swung, where our names are calved for all to see. Was this stranger the beloved boy from my childhood? I tried to murmur the words that summed up all of my questions; but no sound ever left my mouth. Finally he spoke. "Do you remember me?" I heard the desperation in his voice. I shook my head, I tried to talk; but the drums were so loud I feared that I would shout and in doing so risk my own safety. He looked at me with longing in his eyes, but the anger still remained. The ground jumped all around me. "You have to remember!!" he yelled. "The drums. The drums are what connect us!" he stressed. "Remember that day? When I tried to impress you? I swung into the crystals; I was forced under them." "I remember you!" I blurted out without thinking. ...read more.


I sat there shocked at the thought of all my memories of love and the boy would fade forever. But I also thought the drums that had stopped me from living my life; the drums that made my blood boil would be gone. He extended a hand to me; I accepted willing, lifting me to my feet I took the amulet form his hands, the drums beat ever louder, I saw red, the amulet flew through the air towards the crystals shimmering In the moonlight. I stood there for a second and stared in to his eyes; all of the anger was gone. The crystals rushed towards me I could not breathe. The sun-baked banks lay beneath me when I woke. The drums were gone, and all I felt was peace. My boy no different from the day he left me extended a hand; I embraced him. Now I live among the trees and the crystals young forever, with my boy. No fear, no sadness, no death. ...read more.

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