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The effect of Inspector Goole

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The effect of Inspector Goole The inspectors' sudden entrance gives an impression of "massiveness, solidity and purposefulness". He has an air of authority that dominates the room. He is smartly dressed in a dark suit and he looks about fifty years old. He is serious, direct and makes a big impression. His entrance seems to be a surprise to Mr. Birling and the rest of the family, this brings more drama to the play. The inspector suddenly enters while Mr. Birling is giving a long lecture to the two young men Eric and Gerald. His timing seems to make a very big impression, as Birling attentively stops his speech and listens to the door, as it seems the Birling family was not expecting other visitors. The atmosphere suddenly becomes a bit tenser contrasting to when they were all celebrating happily without any worries. ...read more.


The inspector speaks and behaves in a somehow menacing way, forcing the family into they're confessions of what they have done. Even though Mr. Birling is sure he has nothing to do with the inspectors' inquiry soon enough we see newer things opening up. Mr. Birling is making every moment a chance to impress the inspector but the inspector doesn't seem to care no matter how much Birling pushes on about his daughter marrying into a wealthy family, which is very well known. The inspector is stern and has a way of intimidating the person he speaks to. The inspector has already made quite a big effect on the household in the way that tension rises and it seems that the family is losing respect for each other. ...read more.


She has just found out he had been having an affair with Eva Smith, she seems to look at him with disgust now. The audience is aware of these feelings, as it is shown in the way they speak to each other, which has changed dramatically. Sheila, Gerald, Birling and Eric's views of one another have changed they all seem to be a bit edgy. They seem to be realising that there are many secrets in-between them. This has made a big impact on the Birling household. Overall the inspector has made massive changes to the people and they all no look at life in a different way. None of them were expecting this drama that has just happened. But this is only the start and what happens next also makes many changes as Sheila says "I hate to think how much he know that we don't know yet" this obviously means there are many more surprises. ...read more.

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