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The Effectiveness Of the Film Trailer

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Sudha Purswani 10Y GCSE English Media Unit 28th July 2006 The Effectiveness Of the 'Honey' Film Trailer The title of the film which is being promoted in this film trailer is Honey. The trailer for this film lasts approximately one minute and thirty seconds. It is difficult to categorise this film into a particular genre but it may be possible to describe this film as a mixture of adventure and romance. The target audience for this film is expressed clearly throughout the trailer as it uses hip hop music and dance which immediately appeals to urban youths and contributes to urban youth culture. There are many techniques used to make this trailer appeal to the younger generation and adults. These are music and its change in pace, which is used frequently throughout the trailer and keeps the audience hooked, humour, which is expressed once or twice, drama, which causes suspense amongst the audience, and a quick flashing of images. Stereotypes are frequently used to demonstrate urban culture in America through clothing, the way slang is used, music, and dance. The beginning of the trailer shows three short, sharp shots accompanied by a loud sound effect and a flash of blinding light after each image. The images are kept on screen long enough to view and show a young boy by himself dancing, which means he could be a main character as it is almost a full close up of him. ...read more.


Following these images are sequences of fade in and fade out shots of Honey Daniels. Accompanying these images is a voiceover which gives the audience an idea about the plot. After the voiceover explains, 'it's time for Honey Daniels to make her move,' the music explodes into a crescendo and there is a close up of Honey Daniels. The music becomes vibrant indicating as well as down and serious times in the film there are happy and high times as well. This music carries on throughout the frames, as you see Honey 'making it big' as a dancer. You see her in a music video, up beat music tempo and the energetic diegetic voices. One thing which grabs the audience's attention is the scene which included a well known hip hop artist. As this celebrity appears in the film it will appeal more to the young urban generation. This artist is known as Genuine. A new character is soon introduced into the trailer. a smart looking young man. After seeing a few fading shots of this man and Honey together, you see a far back shot of Honey walking up a staircase. Her expression is unpredictable and the fact that the shot was taken from far suggests at this point she is venerable. Sure enough after this image you see another with honey being unwillingly kissed. ...read more.


Toward the end of the voiceovers piece, he announces the title of the film 'Honey'. It then appears on screen along with a short loud sound effect, which immediately grabs the audience. The title grows in size on the screen which could demonstrate the character honey growing in confidence and becoming a wiser person. The font is simple and the white outline of Honey and the black background contrast well. The blue vertical stripe which falls through the title indicates there could be some bad times however Honey rises above it, hence the growth of the title on the screen. As the music comes to an end the credits appear which allow the viewers to see who put the film together. Overall there were many techniques explored which proved to make this trailer effective. The use of music was one of the most crucial parts of the trailer as it added tension and allowed the audience to predict the mood of certain parts of the film. Stereo types helped us determine who the film was aimed at, it was concluded this film was more for teenage urban youths or people interested in dance. We could tell this due to the way the characters dressed spoke and acted. The pace of the scenes and the diagetic sound helped the audience hear and understand what was going on. Humour grabbed the audience's attention along with the appearance of several celebrities which immediately appeal to a larger target audience who may like these certain artists. ...read more.

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