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The Eight Themes that O'Henry uses are:

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The Eight Themes that O'Henry uses are: Beauty :Della is worried that Jim won't think she is beautiful with short hair, but Jim loves her for more than just her beautiful hair and how she looks. If you really love somebody, they are beautiful no matter how they look. Family :Jim and Della are husband and wife and they love each other. Jim's watch was given to him by his father and has been in his family for many years. Still, he sacrifices it out of love for Della. Giving :Della and Jim both feel that it is important to give nice gifts to each other to express their love. Identity :Della learns that Jim loves her for just for being herself, not because of her hair or the Christmas present she buys him. Wisdom :Della and Jim were wise because they were willing to make sacrifices to show their love for each other. Sacrifice :Both Della and Jim give up valuable possessions so they can buy Christmas gifts for each other Money :Della and Jim sell valuable things to get money to buy gifts for each other, because they are poor. Love :Because Jim and Della love each other, there is really no need to :prove their love by buying gifts for each other. Love is the greatest gift The Gift of the Magi :Special allowance for a period of translated fiction will probably have to ...read more.


The conversations of the characters have a direct connection with the plot and with the role of the character. They are rich in intonations and ambiguous in some special way. The Gift of the Magi is a love story built-in in the most traditional way but some details are added. In this story it is a comic detail which is not directly connected with love but which, at the same time, turns out to be the fundamental detail for the plot. Love plays the simple motivation for creating the intrigue. O. Henry's pervasive tendency to lay bare the construction of the story and subject the plot to a parody play, the unexpectedness of his ending acquires a special meaning in The Gift of the Magi. By itself, the surprise effect is a common feature of both the novel and the short story. In O. Henry's story this quality of the unexpected constitutes the very heart of the construction and bears a perfectly specific character. The ending of the story The Gift of the Magi is merely a surprise or contrary to expectation, it appears in a sort of a lateral way, as if popping out from around the corner; and it is only then that we, the readers, realize that certain details here and there had hinted the possibility of such an ending. ...read more.


Michael has a problem of looking at other ladies and then telling his wife Frances what he likes about them. Frances gets frustrated and tells Michael that she don't like it when he looks at other women, he tells she is the only one for him and he love her and only he, and that he shares his ups and downs with her. That the only reason he looks at other woman is because he feels is part of his nature. The story is about relationships is stating that relationships are tough because even though Michael's wife told him she don't want him looking at other women he still does, but he knows that he have to sacrifice that to saved his marriage.They are similar because thier both about married couples, where one of the couples make a sacrifice to make the other happy such as Michael gives up looking at other women to make his wife happy in "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses". Della have hair cut to buy her husband a present in "The Gift of The Magi". Their different in the way their story lines are told and the way the problems are solved. I think in both stories it was good that couples made sacrifices because it shows what love is really about. O. Henry said "There are stories in everything. I've got some of my best yarns from park benches, lampposts, and newspaper stands." ...read more.

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