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The Elephant Man and Phantom of The Opera both deal with social injustices in society and how the directors and authors express this surely make both films a comparable and interesting

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Never Black and White John Merrick Dr. Treves. Mr. Gomme Mrs. Kendell Former freak in a circus, disfigured physically is the elephant man the whole film revolves around this person who is rescued by Mr. Treves. Wealthy surgeon rescues John Merrick from his abusive owner, looks after Merrick and embraces him as a friend. Chairman of the hospital board, gives in to Treves after discovering that Merrick is not an "idiot" Well-respected actor Mrs. Kendell finds favor in getting to know Merrick and treats him with dignity and respect. It would take cold hearted for a person not to be affected by the movie The Elephant Man by David Lynch. Based on a true story of a deformed human trying to make himself fit into the normal, this film is a heart moving biography, which brings up many issues of how society treats people who are different and the equality differences we see in the film Set in London 1884 a Victorian surgeon by the name of Dr. Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins) rescues for unknown reasons a disfigured (head twice the size of a normal human being, twisted spine and a useless right arm), mistreated carnival freak show, John Merrick (John Hurt). ...read more.


Falls in love with Christine. From young the phantom taught her how to sing. She falls in love with her childhood friend and is torn between the two. Rescues the phantom from the freak show, is respected by the phantom but lives in constant fear. Christine's childhood friend falls in love with her, and becomes a sworn enemy of the phantom. In the other Phantom of the Opera written and directed by Andrew Lloyd Webber takes a somewhat different approach to the Elephant Man. Being raised up in a freak show just like the John Merrick, the phantom (Gerald Butler), as he is known as is abused by his owner and is then rescued by a young girl who takes pity on the disfigured boy and hides him in the catacombs of a famous Paris opera house. The phantom now a confident strong disfigured man whom terrorizes the opera house falls in love with a young chorus girl Christine (Emily Rossum) who thinks of him as her music angel that her father sent from his death and who teaches her how to sing. ...read more.


even though both films in context deal with horror elements, the Elephant Man which was produced in 1980 involves deeper issues concerning the industrial revolution and how the time differences between the two films affects peoples viewpoints. Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the phantom as musical approach to the film, which gave the characters more talent and emotions, which therefore made the audience in a way feel sympathetic and moved by the Phantoms plights and how he reacts towards them. Meanwhile we see that David Lynch had ideas deeper then just the first sight we see in the film which makes the audience think deeper in the textures and colours. e.g. White among dark backgrounds and the film purposely filmed in black and white even though Colour was the film making preferable. Despite the films being in colour or not in colour, there is never black and white, but issues that the audience have to dig deeper and view further to uncover what's the real meaning and context of the films and why were they produced and set in that particular way. The Elephant man despite its dullness of set a new interest in my mind that black and white films are not all that bad and they do in some way have a meaning. ...read more.

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