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The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is a refuge for injured female African and Asian elephants. It was founded in March of 1995 by Carol Buckley and Scott Blais.

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´╗┐Fields 1 Kaitey Fields Mrs. Anderson Research, 5th period Friday, October 5 Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee Non-profit organizations are corporations or associations that conduct buisness for the benefit of the general public without shareholders or a profit motive. Charities on the other hand are the voluntary giving of help to those in need. All charities must be non-profit, but not every non-profit organization is a charity. The purpose of a non-profit organization is usually to create a place where extra money can be spent to provide service and help to certain programs. Some known non-profit organizations are Red Cross, Goodwill, and the Humane Society. There are non-profit organizations for anything ranging from health to animals. One in particular is the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. It rescues female elephants and provides them an everchanging habitat, offers people chances to volunteer to help out the elephants, and uses every little bit of donations it recieve to directly help the elephants. Since I love working with animals and learning about them I chose Fields 2 Thee Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee as my non-profit organization. ...read more.


People not allowed to go and visit the elephants because they need to be free to roam around and just be elephants. They are already being forced to have human caregivers which is hard enough. The sanctuary strives to inform the public about the needs of these elephants as the facination with them keeps growing. The target audience for the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is simply the Fields 3 public. Its educators try reaching out to kids and adults. Anyone who takes an intrest in the well being of the elephants. So far, it has twenty-seven elephants living in the sanctuary. In all they have saved a total of twenty-nine, having two elephants pass away. The sanctuary is well on its way of achieving the goal of one hundred saved elephants. It takes a long while to get an ill elephant back on its feet, and money too. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tenneesee uses newspaper articles, television coverage, and its website to attract contributers. Interns also find it thorugh these as well. ...read more.


Everything donated goes directly to the sanctuary so one can be sure his donations go to a good cause. All money that goes to the santuary is put to good use. The sanctuary divides its money up between five categories. Shelter and care, research, education, management general, and fundraising. It spends about two million dollars on shelter, fifteen thousand on research, over seven hundred thousand dollars on management general, and over two hundred thousand on education and fundraising. The sanctuary has no set budget of what it spends a year, as long as donations keep comming in, it will spend all the money donated on the elephants. The spokesperson for the sanctuary is the Director of Facilities Development. It basically directs all activities at the sanctuary, a sort of semi-CEO. You should donate your money to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesee because well, everybody loves elephants. If you want to see elephants in the circus or in zoos then they must be saved. The only way to save them and give the elephants the proper care they need is by using money. With help we can save thousands of elephants and never have to worry if they Fields 5 will become extinct. ...read more.

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