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The Eliminator

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The Eliminator It was a dark and stormy night out on the Scottish glens, no lights, not a sound to be heard. The nearest town is Kilgore, a 12 miles away. Suddenly out of nowhere bag pipes sounded getting louder and louder, the out of the mist come the master of the sky, The Flying Scotsman. * * * * * * * * Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Dennis woke up. The holiday began. He looked out the window, the waves were splashing on the golden sand. He walked down the stairs. The aroma of burning pig flesh filled his nostrils. It was about 6:30 am. Dennis turned on the TV, Barney was on (the big purple tyrannosaurus rex) Dennis' younger brother Garth eagerly ran down the stairs tripping over himself and smacking his loaf on the head, knocking himself unconscious for a short a amount of time. ...read more.


Dennis felt like something was missing from him, he looked down. A huge hole in his leg was pouring out blood, muscle was hanging out. It was the most blood Dennis had seen in his life. "DAD HELP", cried Dennis. Dennis fell to the floor in shock. It was like a pit-bull terrier had bit a chunk out of his leg, but there was no pain. A local chap gave them a lift back to our house in his tractor trailer, he led in the hay nearly falling asleep. They got back to the house. Dennis hobbled into the car and his family hopped in after him. First they thought that they would try the local health centre to see if the could patch Dennis up, but they couldn't. " Yell have to go to Penzance" said Dr Mckipper, the local Scottish doctor told them. ...read more.


There was one ride he always wanted to go on, it was the "ELIMINATOR". Dennis went on a few other rides before he went on the Eliminator. He went on a simulator, round about, tea cups, slash down, finally he wanted to go on the Eliminator There was a huge queue so Dennis wanted to come back later when the queue had gone down. Dennis saw a another ride called "see no evil, hear no evil" Dennis went on this one. When he got out he went and bought a burger. He saw the queue had gone down on the "ELIMINATOIR". Dennis ran to the back of the queue and had found that it had shrunk more than he thought. "�5.50 please", s aid a screechy old woman. Dennis paid his fee and found a car. EEEERRCH the car started up the steep slope. It took about 2 minuets to reach the top. All went quiet, suddenly a whooshing sound started. Round and round, through about 3 corkscrews and splash down through water. They gradually slowed into the finish. ...read more.

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