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The End of the World.

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1950 Chapter 1 I was sitting looking down on the ground. My reflection on the dark glass-like substance stared back at me. I wasn?t usually down here but we have to in order to survive. Chapter 2 24 hours ago? I live on floor 16 on this dilapidated apartment building. I was awoken at 6:30AM by my irritating alarm clock, I?ve dreamed about the sun waking me up every night and I pray, but still nothing. The sun hasn?t shined here in over 20 years and I don?t suppose my praying will help it. I have always wanted to feel what old people say the best feeling ever. My Grandma told me that it was like radiant warmth that hit your body as soon as you left the house. That?s what I want to be able to feel. The past few decades have been the same. You can choose any day of the week, any hour of the day and any minute of the hour, and it will be cold. It will be dark. It will be dull. Once my eyes got used to the florescent light bulb that hung above my bed, I twisted my body and placed my warm cosy feet onto the old nail ridden floor boards trying to figure out whether I should have my once weekly shower today. I chose to have it today, so I made my way down the long narrow corridor to the bathroom passing my sisters, brothers and parents bedroom on the way. I poured the once clean, warm water over myself trying to make sure my whole body was covered; I then used the remains of a bar of soap to wash away the last week?s worth of dirt. ...read more.


Nobody either bothers running, everybody knows that this is just another one of them false alarms, if anything the children as well as the teachers feel relieved that they simply have a day off. To be honest with you, at this point I was a bit annoyed, not only did I walk the five miles I usually had to come here but we get sent home straight away. On my long trek home I started to realise that every house I had walked past was panicking or sitting in front of the television anxiously. People started running around talking about today really is ?the end of time? and preparing themselves for the worst. This really did scare me; actually it scared me so much that I ended up sprinting all the way home. Is this really it? Is this the day I?m going to die? Is this what everyone had been going on about? After about 10minutes of me running everything went quiet, silent even it was as if everything and everyone just got paused in time that was everyone but me. Once I got back to the apartment block and up what seemed to be never ending steps I finally got back home and was greeted by my family?s warm loving hugs. We were all in complete silence listening into the television wandering what we should do everyone was told to be prepared for the worst but weather anyone did or not was a completely different matter. After listening to the television for half an hour in silence the silence was broken by a loud knock and my father telling me to answer it. ...read more.


Once we had brought everything we thought we would have needed we made our way to the house the man gave us and started to get ?unpacked?. It didn?t take us long at all we just put all of the food away then put all the clothes we had just brought into the wardrobes in total there was four bedrooms; a bedroom for me, a bedroom for my sister, a bedroom for my brother and a bedroom for my parents. Chapter 5 Two weeks later... People who came with us from the ?old? world have started going missing. At the moment the Harrisons and the Varley?s have gone missing. In the first week we were here the Harrisons went missing, then this week the Varleys went missing. Nobody knows whether or not we should panic or not. We have decided that if anyone else who came from the other world goes missing then we should investigate and try to find them. Chapter 6 Two months later... Today we are going to meet up with the Evan family and do a round of golf before going out for a meal on the ?1950s Beach-Front Resort?. At the moment we and the Evans are the only families from the other world who haven?t gone missing. The Evan family don?t seem to be picking up their phone at the moment so we (as a family) have chosen to go over to their house to see what?s taking them so long. There front doors wide open and nobody?s inside. We are the last family from the other world who is still alive. Are we the next family to die? ...read more.

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