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the escape

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Once upon a time there was a little furry mouse named Tom. Tom was an adventurous little creature who was always up to one thing or another. He lived in Silly Town Valley in the wall of a gigantic house. He lived there for five years, everyday dealing with the biggest meanest cat of all time. One bright summer morning Tom decided to go for a joyful walk around the house. "What a beautiful day!" thought Tom as he stood against the window pane and felt the warm sunrays, on his face. He waved gleefully at his best friend Chirpy the bird. ...read more.


As Tom hopped his way up to the cheese, he heard a sudden "THUD". A wooden trap had fallen over Tom! Tom screamed and tried to get himself "Help! Help me! please help me!" cried Tom helplessly. Bob came up to Tom with a big smirk across his face. "Hehe. So what do we have here? Tom the mouse eh? Well would you like to stay for lunch? I love having mice for lunch!" he shrieked with laughter. Outside Chirpy could here Tom screaming. She flew in through the kitchen window and lifted the wooden cage up so Tom could escape. "Run Tom run! ...read more.


He scampered off into the play room where he found a brown pouch full of marbles on the ground. With all his strength, Tom pushed the pouch towards the living room where the cat was. "Hey you dumb cat I'm over here, betcha can't catch me!" he said amusingly. Tom was starting to enjoy this, since he was faster than Bob. Bob started to work his way over to Tom. Tom ripped open the pouch of marbles and watch as the marbles spilt in every direction possible. The cat stumbled over the marbles and hurt his leg so it couldn't chase after Tom anymore. "You little mouse I'll get you for this!" grouched Bob. Tom dashed towards the kitchen for the piece of cheese. He went home and gobbled down the piece of cheese proudly. ...read more.

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