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The Ethereal Plane

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The Ethereal Plane Lightning struck the tower pinnacle, and briefy the city's main square was drenched in light. A violent storm was brewing around the city of Magelan, of the world of Ralon on the choas planes. All around the city the guard, dressed in mail of shadowy black, were attempting in vain to surpress the riots that where in place. People had taken the oncoming storm as a sign from the gods, to rise up and overthrow the evil Maraj who ruled their city. " The foolish mortals have taken our bait, their city is in choas my Dark Lord Iekkob" The bodyless voice echoed around the dim moon-lit entrance chamber of the great palace. Suddenly, with a blaze of flame and inpenitrible black smoke, a figure appeared. Slowly becoming less hazy the figure walked towards the base of the stairs, leaving scorched foot prints in the shining marble floor. As the the figure reached the thresh-hold of the crystal staircase, one of the statues that lined walls lazily walked towards him. The statued man was no longer a granite grey but shrowded in black and dark crimson robes. " My Lord Iekkob " The voice sounded again, but it was no longer bodyless. The statued man spoke it, softly, stealthily, yet clearly. " I am pleased, Liwl, you have fooled these pathetic mortals well. The planes of choas are now aptly named thanks to your teachery." The one named Liwl smiled at his apparent Dark Lord, who had now come into full focus, his cloak burning fiery red to match the embers glowing in his eyes. " Thank you my Lord, I did as you instructed. Every temple, every priest, believed me their deity and followed my orders without question " " Yes...that is what worries me. As weak minded as those who dwell upon the Ethereal Plane are, they would have sensed an intrusion in one of their temples. ...read more.


" Quickly we must e.." he began But before he could finish a a figure appeared before them, dressed in robes of scarlet red, carrying a staff of fire. The Gods stood staring, fear encrouched upon their faces slowly etching away the suprise. Some backed away, others drew weapons from their sides, and others dived for cover under the great oaken council table. " Iekkob ! " Rezarf was the only one of the Ethereal beings not turned to fear, he stood facing the Dark Lord sword drawn. " Yes it is I, my dear friend Rezarf. I see you have pondered my plan to completion. What do you think of it? " at finishing he let out the same shrill laugh, but this time it simply faded without effect...the Ethereal beings were not affected. " I take it we cant leave Iekkob....no.....your Priddle made sure of that by killing our Avatars, very clever. " " What is going on ! " demanded Sirch Iekkob glared at him for a moment, then shaking his head began to explain. " God your slow, the lot of you. No wonder you rely on Rezarf for protection. We..." " Silence you evil fiend. My powers are equal to those of Rezaaaaaaaaaa....." Thud With a swift movement of his hand Iekkob had thrown Sirch across the room and into the heavy stone wall. He lay their seemingly unconsious, but twitching slightly, his glorious golden cloak drapped unevenly around his battered body. " As I was saying, " Iekkob resumed calmly " We all know that Ethereal beings can only be killed on the Ethereal Plane...Yes? " He looked round, and everybody nodded. " Yes, but what does...oh I see...Oh my word ! " exclaimed Amme " Yes it means your all going to die, and your powers will be switched to me and my loyal followers ! The Gates of Hell will soon open, your ancient seals are broken. Without Time on your side I cannot be stoped. ...read more.


Mikil slipping from his grasp had fallen away. " I have won my old friend. Goodbye. " " You have beaten me but you have not won Iekkob. I have seen your path and you shall lead the way to the void before me. " The Dark Lord raised his staff and plunged it downwards, towards the Ethereal heart of Rezarf. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH The shout echoed around the battlefield, Daemons cringed, Solars weapt, and the whole Plane shook with the sound of death. Storms crashed through the mortal Planes, as the powers gathered by this one of the most powerful immortals transended into a new host. The Dark Lord looked down, and through his chest stuck Mikil thrust from behind. The sword of Light radiated as the blood of evil itself ran down its glimmering blade. It was withdrawn and its wielder watched as the lifeless body of the Dark Lord fell to the ground, blood gushing from the weeping wound in his chest. His entrails slithered along the beaten grass and his eyes stared in fear as the void engulfed him. " Thank You " gasped Rezarf " Light has prevailed because of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!! " Rezarfs head rolled away across the battlefield, severed from his body, by the sword of Good. His corpe twitched as his Godly essence raced from it and into its knew host, and then it lay still...dead. Rezarfs head had come to rest on the body of the Dark Lord, his eyes looking eeriely into the Iekkobs, his mouth parted into a smile...his profecy had become truth. " Hahahahahahah " A Dark laugh filled the battlefield. It's owner stood proud and tall above the fallen bodies of the two most powerful Gods. As the dust cleared the Daemon forces turned their watchful gaze, and saw the figure of a Drowish King his enormous weapon held in front of him. The Daemons, Gods of Evil, and remaining Ethereal troops bowed and chanted. " ALL HAIL PRIDDLE RULER OF THE ETHEREAL PLANE " .......................................................................................................................................... ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE JRR Tolkien section.

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