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The Events That Changed My Life

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Carly Ridout English Coursework: The Events That Changed My Life My name is Chloe, I'm 15 and I've had a very traumatic time over the past eight years. I'm an orphan you see and things haven't exactly been very easy for me. Before I start, I've heard that some people think that it would be fun to be an orphan, not to have a family and parents to nag and you wouldn't have any parents setting rules or telling you what to do, but its nothing like that, its in fact the complete opposite. You can't begin to imagine what its like and I would never wish anyone to go through what I have been through what I have been through. So, here is my story and I hope that I can learn to trust people again, which I hope I will, in time. It all started eight years ago. I was so happy. I was only eight years old and I lived with Jill O'Connell, but I called her Auntie Jill and towards the end I started calling her mum. I'd only been living with Auntie Jill for seven months when things started to change but it seemed like forever, we really hit it off the first time we meet. I loved her dearly and she was my favourite person in the whole world. She wasn't just my foster carer; she was also my best friend. My first memories were of her. ...read more.


I became used to coming home from school with no - one there and having to fend for myself so one day when Jill came home very early, I was surprised. She looked really happy and excited but yet saddened and upset at the same time. She told me she had some excellent news. She'd been offered a job in London, a proper acting job in a big theatre in the west end. I started to get excited about the thought of moving but when I looked at Jill, her expression had changed and her smile had disappeared. Now she just looked sad. That's when I knew that there was more news and it looked as though it was going to be bad news. She told me that it was the end of us, she was leaving me behind and not to ask her to take me with her. I broke down, I was only the nine and the first person I had ever trusted, the person I loved the Carly Ridout most in the entire world was going and I was going to lose her. I begged and pleaded with her not to go or to take me with her, but she stared expressionless, turned away and walked towards her room. But I didn't stop. Then she started to get angry with me, she said that if I loved her and cared for her I'd be happy for her and let her go and let her fulfil her ambitions. ...read more.


Too young for anything like this to be happening to me. Jill said I was the most important thing in her life. But how could she leave something so important behind? How could she have done this to me? How??!! All sorts of questions started filling my mind and I was confused and Carly Ridout scared in this cold lonely room all by myself. I trusted her, cared for her and I thought she cared for me too. I could never trust anyone again, I'd been hurt to badly. I stayed in my room for weeks and weeks. I wouldn't talk to anyone about what had happened and what I had been through. Jill was all mine and I wasn't prepared to share her. I wasn't prepared to share my last remaining memories of her with anyone else. So, there's my story!! I'm still living in the children's home, and it's not so bad really now that I've got used to it. Everyone's really kind to me, and although I know they mean well, I don't want to get to close to anyone as I'm scared of getting hurt again. I'm having counselling at the moment and they say it's for my own good, to help me overcome my trauma I suffered at the young age of nine. But in a way, I fell that I will always remember Jill and I will never be able to let go of that experience completely. I hope that someday I can find a nice family to live with that want me, but I know that it will be a long time before I can trust anyone properly again. ...read more.

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