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The Evil Efrit who did Good

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The Evil Efrit who did Good In the Kingdom of the mighty Solomon, son of the magnificent David, there lived a huge Efrit1 of who everyone was immensely scared of. This gargantuan was a bit of a bully, only because there was no one bigger than himself other than the Noble King Solomon. The many reasons of why King Solomon was so feared and respected amongst all the Jinn and animals and insects of the world were because he was a Prophet of God. He was a just and wise king, and had many powers that God had bestowed upon him such his voice being as loud as thunder and having the strength of a dragon. This crafty Efrit bullied the smaller creatures because he thought that they would not tell the Mighty King Solomon, otherwise he would get them. He never picked on his fellow Jinn, Devils or Efrit. He knew they had powers and they weren't scared of him. One day, a young lion cub had his nose tweaked and his whiskers pulled in a very humiliating manner indeed. To make it worse, he was whirled through the air by his tail and thrown into the family den. The cub's father, who was a big strong lion with a long and grizzled mane, sprang out snarling but stopped short when he saw the immense form of the Efrit sneering down at him. He gave a whimper and bolted into his den. ...read more.


Walid was on the brink of consciousness when the camel entered the oasis. He looked around in wonder and staggered to the well and drew some water for the camel and himself. He drank his stomach's fill and slumped back in to a deep sleep. Suddenly Walid woke up to a great roar. He leapt and looked around him and saw the Efrit. He nearly passed out of shock. The Efrit came out of the well and grabbed the man by the neck and hoisted him up. Walid quaked with fear and was speechless. The Efrit said with a voice of thunder, "Who are you to befoul my beautiful oasis in which no man has before entered without a painful death." "Please, O Mighty Efrit. Spare me." Walid whimpered. "Why? I will not let you go; you have befouled my oasis and will pay with your puny life." The Efrit thundered. "I cannot let you go on your way; my honour would be at stake." "Sir, please let me go, once I get back to my house, I will give you whatever I have." "Good, then give me the first thing that your wife gives you." said the Efrit. "Yes. O Mighty Efrit. Certainly, but how will I be able to give it to you?" said Walid, rather emboldened now. "Trust me, I will be there. Now go!" shouted the Efrit. "Yes." Walid yelped and leapt onto his camel and galloped away. ...read more.


And thank you." "What for O Great and Mighty King. I have done nothing, I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart, for you have saved my life and have relieved me of the terrible servitude that was undoubtedly awaiting me. Again, I say thank you." Suddenly the air shimmered, and Khalid felt that he was being borne up through pitch dark. He felt a mighty wind on his face and was then on his feet in front of his house. He was bewildered; he looked around and saw nothing. He looked up and suddenly saw the massive Efrit who gave him a smile and a salute, and with that he vanished. He went into his house to find to his astonishment that his whole family was gathered there inside and all were weeping. He stepped inside and they all stared in shock when his mother suddenly leapt up and smothered him in a hug. His whole family then hugged and kissed him and wept with joy. They all sat down as Khalid began to tell them his incredible story. It went long into the night and in the morning he was summoned by the king and was given the highest rank in the army. Khalid was overcome with joy and he spent his days with his beautiful wife, and they were blessed by God with many children. Total: 2 572 words. 1 A powerful evil spirit or gigantic and monstrous demon in Arabic mythology ?? ?? ?? ?? Abdullah Jafar Chowdhury English Fiction Coursework 23/04/2007 Year 11 ...read more.

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