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The Explosion.

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The Explosion I knew there was something wrong, that morning when I left the house for school. I had asked what was wrong but all the time they kept saying, "We'll talk to you after school". By the time school was over I had forgotten all about it and to me it was just like any other ordinary day. I strolled down the road, which led to my house, quite happily. I popped into the corner newsagents first, to pick up a bar of chocolate and a magazine. I had planned to stay in and watch television all night and laze around. Going to the shop had made me late. When I got home my parents were sitting in the living room in silence, no television, not talking, just gazing at a piece of paper. They slowly turned to me, with there heads bowed down, "Sit down sweetheart" my mother suggested worriedly. I walked over to the chair facing the two of them and waited anxiously on the edge of my seat. "What's wrong, is it Nan, has the dog been hurt, what, what?" "No, it's nothing like that, no one has been hurt", mother replied in a very calm and blank way. ...read more.


I needed to be told, I had the right to know", I sobbed. My mother ran over and threw her arms around me. We both sat endlessly sobbing whilst my father attempted to calm us down and make us feel better. "No matter what we still love you, and we are still you're parents", he reassured me. I suppose he was reassuring my mother as well. My father handed us both a box of tissues. We dried our eyes and started to eventually calm down. We all went into the kitchen and sat around the table where we had had our "family" meals. My father poured us both a drink and we agreed we needed to talk. My mother read the letter aloud it had said that my biological mother was looking for me and had been asked if I might be interested in giving information to them or getting in touch. My parents looked at me blankly. "What are you going to do?" father asked. "It's totally your choice", my mother reminded me. "I need to think", I answered as I made my way back upstairs. ...read more.


I gave my parents a kiss and a hug and got into the car. We drove for nearly an hour. When I say 'drove' I mean mostly waited in traffic jams. My stomach was turning and my palms were sweating. Was I making the right choice after all? We pulled up outside a big, posh house. My mouth dropped. I walked up the drive and knocked on the front door. A few minutes went by but there was still no answer. I came to the conclusion she was not in so I turned slowly with my head bowed down, and started to drag my feet back to the car. I got half way down the drive and I heard the front door open, I span around to hear, "Hello, may I help you?" There was a silence, I starred at the woman, and I must have looked her up and down twenty times at least. She repeated, "Hello, may I help you?" I replied, "Would you like to buy a raffle ticket?" "No thank you", she replied, "I haven't got any spare change". She closed the door and I got back into the car. All the way home all I could think about was my parents. I knew who my mother and father were, and they were waiting for me back home. ...read more.

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