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the eyes of a child

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The Road Not Taken (The eyes of a child) Dark. His eyes were hollow with the pity of others, it was as if he could not escape the figure that haunted his very dreams. Withered by the very essence of hope, struggles became more inevitable, for he could not foretell what his life would bring, he only knew that somewhere there was freedom. His life began to spiral into endless darkness creating an opaque cover, which defeated his possibility of ever being visible, in a world which he did not want him. It wasn't like him not to say anything as she entered the room, that day he seemed more timid, more likely to hurt himself, keep himself hidden. As often as he could remember he was the outsider of his family always looking in, for him life resembled a dream of interminable torment. He always described his mum as being the once glue that kept everyone together, but lately that changed, now she was the grotesque beast that tormented his restless dreams, creating a persona of him being sick when he wasn't. He lived a life of lies, as if he was non-existent, a image conjured up by his unbalanced mother. ...read more.


After dinner he was aloud to play with sisters outside but only for a short time, when it was over he was called inside for his daily inspection as she liked to call it. A new year, a new day. School had started yet again, but yet he couldn't help feeling imprisoned like a animal caught in a cage. He put on his frayed clothes once more, a sudden hand of danger rested upon his shoulders, it was her. He never spoke out of line, tread out of line, for if he did there would be consequences, which he could not bare to face. She always took him to school, because there was a chance of him escaping again, sometimes he dogged her, but lately it was like she was a stalker waiting, watching his every move. At school he was known as the thief, the tramp, the outcast. Everyday at 2 o'clock his nurse would request him, this was a daily routine to ensure that he hadn't received anymore burses from his fatal mother. As she gazed upon his withered body she noticed a cut. It was long and deep and seemed to be oozing. ...read more.


Please just leave me alone." She sat down nervously, you see this was the first time that he had any control over her, over his life. "tap, tap." the police had arrived and he had his story. After an hour the police had all that needed. Three days later he returned home with his mother. She said nothing, silence became the occupation of their home. Now he was aloud in the house he had his bedroom back, and dinner was as a family, but it wasn't long before she was back to her old self again. Now the once control he had over her had vanished and the peace that filled the house was interrupted by what seemed like a volcanic irruption. A week later burses, cuts burn marks seemed to take over his body like an artist working on a painting. He was not aloud to attend school, his days were spent cleaning and cooking. One cold winters night he decided that enough was enough and left, he clearly knew that living there would kill him, and it seemed that the police wouldn't help him either, so this was his only escape plan, he knew this decision would change his life forever but he knew he had to take it and he did. By Lauren Herelle 110r ...read more.

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